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Article - 'Monarchy and Royalty' by AutumnDragon

An item about Game Design posted on Feb 25, 2005


A short but descriptive article explaing Monarchy and Royalty, as well as a list of associated terms.


Monarchy and Royalty


Okay, I’m starting to think that plenty of you out there have no understanding of how the monarchy works, such as ascension, coronation and such. And since I could not find any articles that rant on about monarchy, I thought I would write one. Well, of course, in a game it’s up to you how you run your monarchy, but here are some basic points. Note: A lot of this information I got from my own country, England (And obviously some research). It may differ with other countries. So feel free to add to it or correct me. Also, this article mentions religions, so I do not mean to offend anyone, but use the religions as examples.

1. Usually, if the King or Queen has two children, boy and girl, the boy will be first inline to the throne.
2. It’s often the eldest boy to ascend to King.
3. If a Queen is ruling, then if she marries, her partner does not become King.
4. If a king dies, then either the prince or queen rules. The queen will rule if she was an heir to the throne and did not marry into the royal family. The prince will rule otherwise.
5. If the Prince is too young to rule, his mother may continue or a Regent will reign until the child is old enough.
6. Obviously, a princess will rule if there is no prince.
7. A queen’s or king’s sister or brother is further behind in line to the throne then prince or princess.
8. In medieval times, King and Queen made a lot of decisions, not the government. (They would be more of the advisor type)
9. A King or Queen may step down if they are too old or ill to rule or a Regent or Family member will continue for them.

So if we had a Prince who was 1st in line to throne, he would become King once his father died. Once he is king, he marries a duchess or countess. She gives him a daughter and a son. However, the king soon dies. The queen does not become the new ruler as she is not heir to the throne, but her son is. A similar process would happen in Final Fantasy IX if Princess Garnet had married Zidane.

Also, here is an example list of heirs.

1. Prince
2. Princess
3. Brother of the King
4. Sister of the King
5. Queen
6. Male Cousin
7. Female Cousin
8. Further Relations of the Family
9. Baron, Duke, Count, Lord etc.

Now there has been a lot of debate about monarchy and their beliefs/religion. It is expected that if the King and Queen were baptised, so it would be for their children. But if the prince, heir to the throne, found love in a Jewish woman, it would be quite controversial. This is because the prince’s children could become Jewish, or if his wife one day had to rule, it would be expected the royal family would be in the future, Jewish.
When creating your game, this maybe an interesting aspect to add to your story, especially if you create your own religions.
Depending on how harsh you make the family or public, a number options may become available to the prince such as giving up the wife or giving up his title.

A coronation is when the heir to the throne is crowned King or Queen. This is usually done in a place of worship and involves the new King or Queen to take an oath.

A regent is someone who will rule in place of King or Queen if the King or Queen cannot rule at the time. This can include the ruler being ill, at war, too young etc.

Creating a monarchy is up to you, but remember these points as guidelines because being a member of the royal family isn’t exactly easy.


Okay, and that’s your basic pointers. This article is kind of short, sorry. There’s plenty more about monarchy, but I think you should research that yourselves, as it’s more interesting and helpful. Sorry about the spelling mistakes. ^_^

Any way, I hope you found this helpful in some way or another and feel free to enlighten me with further comments and suggestions. Thanks.