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Article - 'Hyperlink fun' by kermit the toad

An item about Miscellanious posted on Mar 6, 2005


Kermit the toad takes you on a guided tour of some of a few of the more interesting websites he's come across recently.


Ah, Sunday afternoon. That means that it’s time for me to write another article for all the wonderful boys and girls out there in GW Land. This time around, I thought we’d try something a little bit different. Instead of an interview, I’m going to do something link gathering, and send you all over the internet on a mission of entertainment.

First up: the Museum of Bad Album Covers, a collection of the worst album covers of all time. It includes such gems as this Man O War cover. Quite frankly, I’m not sure which is worse: the album cover, or the fact that more than one person on GW probably has a copy of it.

Next, let’s take a trip on over to NYC, where we can see a collection of watercolours painted by a class of Grade 3 students, about the creation of the NYC subway system. Considering these are done by students in the third grade, they’re actually kind of decent. Of course, I’m only saying that because they’re more talented with a paintbrush than I’ll ever be.

If you’ve not yet heard of Flickr, you just aren’t cool.

Speaking of things involving photos, a recent study has shown that the British has more genuine smiles than Americans. Of course, the article also states that Julia Roberts “has a wonderful smile.” If looking like a horse is a good smile, then my whole worldview is shattered.

For perhaps the first time ever, Canadian politicians (or, ex-politicians) are talking smack about American politicians--in public.

Finally, for those of you who think that all web comics are shit, let me convince you otherwise. Head on over to the Perry Bible Fellowship, and find out that web comics can actually be funny--brilliant, even. A new strip is posted every Sunday, though, at the time of writing this article, this week’s strip has not yet been uploaded.