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Article - 'Mystical Terms' by AutumnDragon

An item about Game Design posted on Mar 30, 2005


A list of mysticl terms and their meanings to help get your juices flowing in the creative department.


Mystical Terms


Here are some interesting terms and explanations which I found in one of my books. I’m using them to help explain some meanings and ideas in my game and I’m sure some of you who are making games which involve magical/mystical/spiritual forces will find the helpful in some way or another. Some of them maybe difficult to understand so I’ve created my own interpretation of them (Which will be shown in brackets), but it’s up to you how you interpret them.


Astral Plane – A dimension of higher vibratory rate than the physical dimension, in which images form prior to manifestation in the physical world.
(The spirit world that is unstable and can cause spirits to manifest into the physical world but in a weaker form.)

Astral – A very defined non-physical substance existing with in the Astral Plane that is shaped around thoughts and concepts to create images or forms.
(A spirit or being that is not physically visible and was created from thoughts, memories etc that exists in the Astral Plane.
E.g. In FFX, pyreflies would react to people’s memories and form the image of who they remember that had died. )

Aura – A energy field surrounding a body. It is a composite of the mental and spiritual attributes of the indwelling spirit inhabiting the body.
(The energy given off by us that contains the well being of our soul. In my opinion, this applies to all living beings.)

Chakra – One of the seven zones of occult energy within the human body.
(We have seven different energies that are found in different parts of the body and are usually invoked when we feel pain in that area or focusing on healing that area. Also, they may be used to cast magic – essentially that ‘MP’ we have.)

Equilibrium – The balancing of forces in their opposing activities. A magickal regulation of forces in motion. A reconciling of opposites.
(The balancing of two opposites)

Ether – An intangible material substance as opposed to a spiritual substance. It is often refers to an unseen vaporous substance, as well as to the occult counterpart of an atmosphere.
(The substance in the air which, when casting a spell, magical/mystical energy is created from.)

Etheric: Composed of Ether. An intangible force or substance. Sometimes used to differentiate between Spirit and Matter.
(When Ether is made into a physical substance. Also used to separate a spirit from a physical form)

Familiar: A spirit or elemental with whom one has a psychic and/or magickal rapport. Also a power animal form that is of kindred nature.
(A mystical being that you feel connected to and allows more powerful energies to be exported or a animal that you feel connected to. E.g. Witches and Black Cats.)

Glyph: A design depicting a principle or concept.
(A symbol which displays a meaning)

Magus: One who is master of the Occult arts.

Mana: Raw conscious energy that automatically responds to external stimuli. It is the accumulation of power within an object or setting.
(A mix of aura and ether. It is like the atmosphere of a place and can be manipulated in many ways, whether magically, psychically or emotionally. It is what came before ether. E.g. An object is moved with psychic powers as it contains mana, or in a room, the mana became negative because of the negative energy humans were giving off.)

Nous: Universal Intelligence. An immaterial eternal spiritual entity involved in physical creation.
(A God/Goddess that is not physical but has knowledge and is responsible for physical beings. E.G. Earth, human, etc.

Scrying: Divination by means of gazing into a dark reflective surface.
(To view psychically using a divination object such as tea, crystal ball in hopes of finding a meaning to what you see)


There are plenty more terms I could have put down but I think this enough. The terms came from a book called ‘Wiccan Magic’ by Raven Grimassi. If you have a term, I could try and explain for you but feel free to criticise this or whatever. It’s up to you if you found it helpful in any way, but I thought this might be useful for those with a mystical sense behind their storyline or if somebody had a mage school or something in their game.