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Article - 'The Chain Story 2: Chapter Four' by Kalar

An item about Miscellanious posted on May 17, 2005


The Fourth Chapter of The Chain Story 2! This chapter was written by Kalar


“Take a break?” Sam questioned. “When all I've done is operate a radio? C'mon, Mario. Let me have some fun.”

* * *

“How's it going? You know. With the chip and all?”

“Fine. You're the last person who should be worrying about it.”

“What has he managed to do so far?”

“Well, lets just say I had a hard time watching my TV.”

“He's making progress.”


Same woke up with a groan. He examined his surroundings. Dark, too dark, he thought. He reached out with his left hand and the lights flashed on. He stepped off of what seemed like a purple and white stretcher, onto cold, hard marble.

“Jesus, its freezing.” He muttered, as he motioned the built-in heater systems on.

Stepping forward, he realized he was in an enormous white room. It looked quite like one of the dome-theaters he had been to as a child. The room seemed to be empty, save for a few security cameras speckling the pearl-white ceiling, as stars do on moonlit nights.

One of the ceiling tiles slid backwards, and and a loudspeaker emanated forth.

“Hello, Sam,” Mario's voice called out. “Have a nice sleep? You may be wondering where you are. Its a safety-room. You'd think we wouldn't have any security measures for your new “power” did you? Well, we certainly can't have someone as powerful as you wandering around on your own free will, can we? The microscopic electrodes that are sent out from that chip will not be able to penetrate these thick chrome-plated walls. You'll be spending most of your time here-”

The sound of static filled the room.

“Whats going on!?” Mario screamed, outraged at one of his henchman.

He was sitting in a rectangular office room. The room was lit by a dim red light, and was surrounded by monitors of all sorts, showing different areas of the complex. However, currently the monitors showed nothing but static.

“It seems we have a power shortage,” the crony replied as he adjusted his glasses.

Sam smiled. The loudspeaker was the worst idea Mario had thus far. It made a perfect connection with the rest of the computer systems in the facility. The entire complex was connected to one computer, via link-and-cable. If one system was taken over by a foreign program, it could easily be transmitted through the entire computer network.

He walked across the large white room and motioned for the door to open. It creaked on its hinges, and then mechanically slid sideways to allow passage. Walking across the empty corridor, he realized he was currently situated in sector C-12. If he were to make it to the robotics bay...


Mario's curses echoed across the small office building. He realized he had been tricked by Sam, the very person who was supposed to be tricked by him. His anger outgrew him and soon, he was barking orders to his scientists.

“Lock all security hatches from sectors A through D. I want all computer systems shut down now!”

The double steel-plated doors shut in unison, each emitting a mechanical “scree” noise. Immediately, all computers were shut down, and the building was silent.

Sam's dark shadow cast upon metal grating. He was standing at the entrance of the robotics bay, an old and unused section of the facility. The rust-covered walls were dripping with an unknown ooze. This was where all of the robots and androids Mario had used for his missions many years back were kept. They may have been useless to Mario, but certainly not for Sam.

“Hello, beautiful machines.” He crooned, with a laugh.

Immediately, the robots sprang to life, their mechanical hearts beating at full speed. From B-45 Assault Mechs to SAIRS Tactical Droids, they marched on in unison out of the bay and into the corridors of sector C-16.

The machines walked in a two-file line, armed with heavy machine guns, pulse rifles, and laser cannons, able to rip down anything, whether it be steel or human flesh. Immediately, the red alarm lights blazed on and sirens blasted out alerting all personnel to evacuate. Armed henchman immediately arrived on the scene, only to be blasted down by heavy 56 caliber rifle shells and bright orange-purple pulse cells.


Streaks of orange flames flew in all directions, as the machines were scattered from the blast. Sam, standing behind all this squinted and smiled, urging the robots to press on with their carnage.

The walls of the corridor were in bad shape, from constant explosions and laser fire. The ceiling was stained with the crimson hue of blood, and the air smelled of death. Machines wouldn't think for themselves. They were mindless creations, only to take orders from an outside source.

Mario's meager resistance force was quickly cut to pieces. There was no stopping the mechanical stampede through conventional means. Mario knew this, and rushed to the transmitter device. His fingers frantically fumbled for the button, labeled “Leila.”

He held the receiver to his ear, and listened intently for Leila's voice to fill the speaker.

“Hello, Mario.”

It wasn't Leila. It was Sam.

“Just to let you know, there's a horde of angry androids right on your doorstep. You wouldn't want them to come in, would you?”

Mario's men immediately sealed the doors of the crowded office, and armed themselves with laser pistols. They knelt and aimed their weapons towards each of the three doors leading into the room.


The unmistakable sound of metal on metal. “Duck!” Mario screamed.

The center door blasted back, slamming into three armed henchman, knocking them through the opposite wall. Bright orange flames issued from where the door was previously, and engulfed the room. Mario leaned against a wall, struggling to get away from the heat.

He could hear is men screaming, struggling to extinguish themselves as the fire made its way through their skin and into their organs. It was just a matter of time before they left Mario, alone in the office.

Through the blazing flames and clouds of smoke, Sam walked into the room. He pointed his laser pistol in front of him. The room was empty save for a few broken computer monitors, hand held consoles, and busted keyboards.

Mario was gone.

Jaran had just finished installing Selvi's automatic phaser. “That should be enough to destroy everything we need to,” he said with a satisfied grin.

“Indeed.” Selvi replied, in robotic monotony.

Jaran couldn't help but feel empty whenever he heard her talk. He remembered Selvi. The real one, that is. Her soft voice was nothing like the best human voice emulation systems built into the android. How he missed her.

Sighing, he reached over to stroke the android's hair. It was still night out, and he was getting tired from working on Selvi. “Good night,” he said, and shut her power off.

The Next Day 7:00 AM

Leila lay on her bed, thinking over what Spike had said.

"What makes you think that Mario has any intention of letting Sam go? After all, he already changed the plan once. What's keeping him from doing it again and again and keeping you as his slave?"

Its not true, she kept telling herself. Mario will let Sam go. He has to.

She rose from her bed and slowly trudged to the nearest window. She was currently living in a six-floor apartment. Her credit accounts were reinitialized, and her name had been changed, at least to the public. She couldn't take any chances, with the police roaming the streets.

“God damn... I need to take a walk.”

Before she left the room, she checked her purse for the pistol she always carried. Better to not need it and have it than to not have it and need it.

Sam sat in an interrogation room. He was in central police headquarters of Naroko, and was waiting for his interrogator. Questions ran through his mind. How had Mario escaped in that short of a time span? Where was Mario now? Did Mario know where he was? Questions but no answers.

The rusted metal hinges of the door creaked open, and in came a plump man, with a white shirt. The shirt had an insignia of a pair of hand-cuffs on it, and underneath the words “Don't mess with me” stood out. He was certainly a man one should not be messing with.

He sat down on the chair, opposite the table from Sam and placed his hands, clasped together, on the hard wooden surface. It was more of a 'slamming' than 'placing,' as the table creaked and groaned under the weight of his massive fists.

“So...” He started speaking, stroking his crisp black mustache. “Tell me everything. What happened? What caused the fire? Who's behind all this? I expect answers, Mr. Onyx and I want them now.”

How does he know my name, Sam wondered. He then realized this wasn't the time to be thinking of things other than answering the man's questions. Mr. Dont-Mess-With-Me's sharp black eyes were staring at him, burning holes in his stomach, much like Mario's in fact. He started to speak.

To be continued...