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Article - 'Forgotten Origins' by Marcus

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jun 1, 2005


Whoah a preview? Where did this come from?


Forgotten Origin
By Dissilusionist
For more info than you can shake a leg at:
href="">"Forgotten Origin Topic"

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About 6 months ago (maybe more) Disillusionist released a demo to a game he kept on flashing here and

there on the forums. While it was quite overlooked compared to the other two juggernauts Ara Fell

and... that one guy's game (it was supposed to be released in february, and it was big news half a

year ago), the demo itself proved to be exceptionally solid. Now, Disillusionist has, once again,

returned to show off some more information about his game and I'm here to promote it because... it's

what I do.

Anyways, there simply is enough information on this game as Dis left no stone unturned in his main

topic. However, everyone loves it when someone else throws in their 2 cents and summarizes. Here we


The biggest draw of FO is the battle system. Using a heavily modified version of the DBS, the battles

have a level of customization that beats out most CBS's out there. The game uses a form of Final

Fantasy II style levelling up in that you're stats are raised as you use them. Fight a lot and your

strength goes up; cast a lot of spells and your soul power (mp) goes up). In addition, you recieve

“onyxes” in battle that you can add into your stats that give them a nice boost because levelling up

isn't something that happens frequently, you have to play it smart and design the character you think

would do best in your party based on the other characters. In addition, monsters have their own

levels and if you run across high level monsters, it's advised to get the hell out of there. Your

party also has the ability to “draw” skills from a monster and learn them permanently. Because you

have so many options available to you in a fight, you need them as the game is, in general,

challenging. Monsters have an advance set of AI patterns that change during battle so you'll have to

utilize all of your resources instead of “LOL KICK PUNCH HEAL.”

The gameplay is your standard rpg fare; you run around dungeons, opening up more storyline, and

chatting it up with npc's. The dungeons themselves (based on the demo) are quite huge and open and

there's a big emphasis played on puzzles. Which detracts from the boring “run through maze, fight”

style of most games of this type. There's a full calendar and day and night system built into the

game for added atmosphere. To help make the world more believable, the choices you make reflect

further actions in the game. In one example, you have the choice of fighting a boss monster early on.

If you beat him, you receive important, valuable items. If you run away, you'll fight the monster

later on down the road but he'll be a lot tougher and the items he carries aren't as useful at a

higher level.

The game features unique weapons with tech skills of various power attached to them.
You have to watch what you equip as one weapon's tech skill might be more powerful than the other's

but your weapon deals less damage. You can also draw magic into a sphere and equip it on a character

to learn those spells.

There are several other features that should be mentioned including field items like a bushwacker (uh,

it chops down bushes), a food system, and an alchemy system which is basically a series of magic-like

abilities that manipulate world events (such as a psychic push that moves blocks).

Yea, there are too many features, but the story sounds pretty decent and the dialog is quite solid so

it should make a nice backup for the already excellent gameplay. Look for this game in the near

future (hopefully the summer).


jmbthisman = ME
Disillusionist18 = Disillusionist

JMB thisMAN (1:07:43 PM): What inspired you to make Forgotten Origin? Is it based off an original work

or something you've previously seen?
Disillusionist18 (1:08:36 PM): Well, FO was mainly inspired by Dragon Destiny, an rpg maker game by

Rast. While the game has nothing to do with it DD at all, it's mainly what inspired me to make my own


JMB thisMAN (1:11:43 PM): You're game has an excellent balance in monster difficulty. What is your

opinion on difficulty in the current slew of rpg's coming out today?
Disillusionist18 (1:13:32 PM): These days, I find a lot of rpgs I've recently played to be either to

easy to entertain me, or the gameplay isn't interesting enough to keep me playing. IMO, most of the

time an rpg needs to be challenging to keep the player occupied. I haven't seen that in a little while

JMB thisMAN (1:14:23 PM): You've really, heavily edited the DBS. Any particular reason you chose to do

this over a CBS?
Disillusionist18 (1:16:09 PM): Because the DBS is perfecally capible of doing what I had in mind for

FO's battle system. I could have made a cbs, but there was no real point in doing it other than for

flashy graphics. FO is also my first big project, I wanted to be a little easy on myself for this

JMB thisMAN (1:16:58 PM): In your opinion, what's the game's strongest feature. What's the weakest

feature that you would like to improve upon?
Disillusionist18 (1:19:35 PM): Good question, I personally think that the level up system is the

strongest feature, simply because I've never seen anything like it. However, I also concider it one of

the weaker features that has room for A LOT of improvement. I've found a couple of problems with this

peticular system, and they should be changed by the next demo release.
JMB thisMAN (1:20:30 PM): So... in your opinion, what makes your game stand out from the DOZENS of

other amateur games popping out.
Disillusionist18 (1:22:40 PM): Most amateur games have no "In Depth" storyline. A lot of games focus

upon flashy graphics/cbs/cms/omfg and normally get praise for it. What makes up the core of a great

rpg imo is a storyline that can grab the character the moment it starts to pick up. I have FO's entire

storyline planned out, and while it may not seem like it in the previous demo(For some), I don't think

too many will be disappointed by it's outcome.

JMB thisMAN (1:23:32 PM): Speaking of story, what's up with the whole "LOL EVAEL DOPPLEGANGER" thing

going on. And why is it that random people have access to SUPER PSYCHIC POWERS!?
Disillusionist18 (1:24:44 PM): This is a good question as well. While I wish I could tell you EVER

detail about the mirror image of Venus, I can't tell you everything. Let's just say she's not an

Disillusionist18 (1:25:01 PM): As for Venus' powers, I can't really tell you that either...
JMB thisMAN (1:25:12 PM): Okay... 3 short questions left...
Disillusionist18 (1:25:35 PM): Male, last time I checked
JMB thisMAN (1:25:57 PM): Okay, I always picture you as a female for some reason
JMB thisMAN (1:26:07 PM): 2: When can we expect the next demo?
Disillusionist18 (1:26:36 PM): I normally don't make promises like this, but something will probably

be whipped up and ready for play in the summertime.
JMB thisMAN (1:26:43 PM): Awesome
JMB thisMAN (1:27:02 PM): 3: If there's one thing you could say to anyone starting out or looking for

inspiration, what would it be?
Disillusionist18 (1:27:48 PM): I'd say to always go with your gut feeling, no matter what other people

think or say.
JMB thisMAN (1:28:06 PM): Well thank you Dis, look for your preview within the next 32 hours or

(whenever I stop being lazy).
Disillusionist18 (1:28:19 PM): Haha, alright

Yea, okay, there you have it.