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Article - 'The Chain Story 2: Chapter Five' by Xanqui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jun 22, 2005


The Fifth and Final Chapter of The Chain Story 2! This Chapter was written by Xanqui


“Mario Cocopelli,” he uttered, “you've heard of him, right?”

The large man grunted with a hint of laughter. “He's dead. He died several years ago, murdered. He and most of his organization.”

“No, it was staged,” Sam said, speaking louder. “He faked his death and that cleared him of all of his crimes. He must have changed his name,” he hesitated, and then it came to him, “but I know where he is! At least, where he was. It's not far from here, if you'll just come with me.”

Suddenly an outburst from the room next door caused Sam to jump. He turned to see a man being beaten with the back of a pistol as he tried to fight off several officers. The officer in front of him seemed to have a particular interest in the whole ordeal, and turned back to Sam when the man was knocked unconscious. “We've just busted a small drug ring, and some conspiracy theory from a delusional man doesn't really interest me.”

“He's got a weapon, officer. Me! He's going to use this chip in my brain to do whatever he damn well pleases!”

The officer shook his head and began to stand up. “The best I can do is offer you a room at the nearest insane asylum.” He headed for the door of the interrogation room.

In a sudden act of desperation, Sam concentrated on the lights, and made them flicker. The officer stopped to check them, but he noticed through the window that all of the lights in the hallway were flickering as well. He glanced at Sam and noticed him staring at the lights.

“Is that supposed to impress me? These lights go out all the time.”

“I can prove it to you,” Sam said, eying the officer's gun. “Point your gun at the wall. Don't pull the trigger.”

He just turned and began to open the door, but suddenly a loud bang filled the room and the officer threw himself against the wall. A small trail of steam from his gun holster floated up from a gaping hole on the bottom.

“I can control electricity,” he began. “Mario stole this technology from the military, and he's going to use me against you. He might have a remote control, or something. Are you willing to risk it?”

Selvi's eyes fluttered open, and visual data began flowing into her processor. She saw a paragraph of words to speak upon a specific stimulation, as well as a program that was to run immediately after the paragraph. As she tried to read the program, she realized that the stimulation was the only thing that would allow it.

She also had a set of directions to follow, but the destination was also hidden from her conscious. Aside from the instructions she had been given, the only memory she had was of Jaran saying “goodnight” to her. Her legs began to move, and soon she was walking towards the door that had been left open for her.

Sam arrived in front of the building where he had been implanted with the chip. It was a dark building with few windows that seemed to have been abandoned years ago. He arrived in a large truck with dozens of heavily armed soldiers who were prepped to invade the building. They were ready for anything, they thought.

Word of Sam's chip spread quickly through the office only three hours before, and not long afterwards, representatives from the military arrived and questioned Sam about Mario and the chip. He explained to them that it worked, and that he could help the soldiers capture Mario. After proving himself, they thought he might be a valuable asset on the force, since they didn't know what Mario might be capable of doing.

They moved silently across the street and found the door to be unlocked and easily opened. Sam led them up the stairs as some of the soldiers stopped to form temporary posts in case anyone entered the building.

When they arrived on the floor where Sam had his surgery, Sam stopped and motioned for the soldiers to prepare for a fight. They stood in front of a wooden door with a crease of light shining through the bottom. One of the soldiers stepped forward and thrust his foot into the door, and moved in, aiming his gun in every direction before he yelled that it was clear.

As Sam entered, he felt something strange, and suddenly noticed someone hiding in a dark corner. He pointed towards it, and almost immediately afterwards, Mario leaped from the corner with a gun and fired at the walls. None of the soldiers seemed to react to it though, until they heard several gunshots come from outside the room.

“Mario is right there!” Sam shouted, pointing at Mario.

The soldiers looked in the direction Sam pointed, but there was nothing there. Mario continued firing bullets at the walls, laughing. Sam focused his mind on a gun aiming at Mario and forced it to fire, but Mario was unaffected.

He backed up against a wall in a state of panic as a woman entered through the doorway. The soldiers didn't acknowledge her, either. She was clearly an android from the way she moved, and her voice was empty and mechanic. “Samuel Onyx,” she said, reciting the paragraph given to her upon seeing Sam, who served as the stimulus. “Mario Cocopelli tricked you again. The chip in your head is too dangerous for the likes of you, and Mario is too crafty to let you get away. He also gave you visions that you wouldn't be able to determine were real or not. I am here to destroy the chip.”

Suddenly the soldiers vanished and Mario stepped forward, passing through Selvi. “Jaran, you clever bastard. Quick, Sam, use your power to end this annoying robot.”

Sam attempted to shut down Selvi, but she had something blocking his signal. “What's going on?”

“He must have programmed her with a magnetic field or something. Well, Sam, I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you, but you've been a great help. With the data you've been sending back to me, I have more than enough to recreate the chip. You didn't think I was stupid, did you?”

Sam sunk to the floor, staring up at Selvi with tears in his eyes. “Mario, if you intend to see Leila again, tell her I loved her.”

Selvi lowered her head and looked at Sam with a sad expression. “I'm sorry I had to do this, but you're too dangerous.” Her pupils suddenly lit up, and her jaw dropped and let out a horrible shriek. Her body began to glow, brighter and brighter, until a flash blinded Sam.

Large military helicopters hovered high above a massive crater still smoldering from a powerful blast. News reporters were held back because of the heavy radiation. Families of the people killed were in tears as they hopelessly asked if their relatives were safe. It was clear that no one in the city of Naroko had survived the explosion.

“Just twelve hours ago,” a reporter said in front of a camera, “an explosion equivalent to a fifty megaton nuclear bomb exploded, evaporating most of the city of Naroko. Currently the registries of all vehicles leaving Naroko are being checked for possible suspects. Investigators have announced that at least two vehicles left without registration and are being tracked. This is a terrible event-”

Mario sat in a large hot tub with piles of food surrounding him. He was relaxed, having the first bit of rest since he left Naroko. He laughed as he watched the footage of the explosion, knowing that he could never be traced since he switched vehicles at least a dozen times before arriving on the other side of the planet. Mario stretched his arms out and took a deep breath, concentrating on the power button on the television set. It clicked off after a brief moment, and he closed his eyes to sleep.