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Article - 'Making the Cut IV: Episode 1' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Sep 3, 2005


Entitled: A Whole Lot of People. Meet the huge cast of MTCIV, and witness the first 10 banishments performed by the game's Dictator.


Making the Cut IV: Episode 1
By: Mateui
Episode 1: A Whole Lot of People.
The Game’s Concept:

Making the Cut IV is subtitled “Democratic Dictatorship.” The premise of the game is that all players are living in the same society, and must choose a leader to govern over themselves. In essence, they will choose a Dictator who will solely decide their fate. Every 24 hours or so, the Dictator will choose to banish another player (Citizen) from society, eliminating them from the game. If a member of the society is not satisfied with the rulership of the Dictator, he could call for a Revolution to occur - which would banish the Dictator from society. In order for the Revolution to succeed, more than half of the remaining citizens would have to agree with the option of overthrowing their ruler. If that would be the case, the citizen started the Revolution would automatically become a new Dictator.

The game would continue until only 3 people would be left – 2 Citizens and the Dictator. At that point in the game, all banished Citizens and Dictators would come into play, voting to decide the overall winner of the game. (Banished Dictators would receive 2 votes, while Banished Citizens would receive 1 vote.)

That’s the whole game basically. However, there is one catch:

While the Dictator has ultimate power, he has no ability to see into the Forum of the Citizens, so he may not have an idea if a revolution is brewing, or which members of his society are supporting it. Therefore, he will likely contact regular Citizens to act as spies for him. This will give the game an aura of mystery and espionage.

This game can have an unlimited amount of players. The following were the people who decided to play the game of government and society, some of which chose to hide themselves behind pseudonyms.

The Player List:
- Drule
- Omega
- Dark Angel – Big Man
- The X
- Vesper
- MasterDarkNinja
- Serenity
- Mike
- Rey_Kiko
- Dicko
- NeoGear - Zeon
- Slavakion
- Yttri
- bloodbath
- dope dave
- Rushing Zephyr
- AzureFenrir
- Jeff
- Belross - Dynamo
- Captain Nugget
- dark_crystalis
- Got_pie?
- Reijin
- Washcycle
- JesterMage - Rich
- RuthlessX - Shinsei
- WarV
- Tophue
- ShadowKirby
- Rowain
- CouchFiend - dneifhcuoc
- Chef Boyardee
- Ketay - Takeshi
- Miles - Diam Indanero
- unusualgamer
- Hunter_
- Vaginal BARREL - Sarah
- Eric
- vectorman
- eshka
- Illness Illusion - Metamorphose
- Bisse
- whytfulookinatme
- psyburn
- Kuroda
- Rayne
- Jhelpme
- Splinter Cell
- Dragon_X
- Ancient
- Prefix

The Game Begins:

June 19, 2005 - Day 1

The citizens got settled into their town, and a few decided to run for Dictator: AzureFenrir, jhelpme, Eric, psyburn, Vectorman, Dicko and Jeff. After the vote, jhelpme was crowned the dictator by a total of 23 votes out of a possible 55.

AzureFenrir - 6
jhelpme - 23
Psyburn - 3
Vectorman - 2
Dicko - 1
Jeff - 4

Jhelpme thus began his reign, and started to banish one citizen each day.

The following is jhelpme’s personal account of each day, and the choice behind each of his banishments:

June 20, 2005 - Day 2

The X


The X, while being a new member of GamingW, has made himself a target too early in the game. It started when he sent a pm to Jeff before the vote for dictator started. He asked Jeff for immunity in exchange for a vote, and Jeff turned him down due to his policy of no-corruption. The X, still seeking safety, turned to me as I had become the leader in the race. He tells me that Jeff and Rey_Kiko have formed an alliance and that I should beware them. I knew this had to be a lie so I contacted Jeff about it and confirmed that the pm that The X says Jeff sent him was a fake. I decided to play along and thank The X for his help. I even offered him 'immunity' in exchange for him keeping an eye on Jeff and Rey_Kiko. Then, later that day, I got a pm from Mr. Defarge which contained a fake irc conversation in which I say that he will be the first one I banish. It was none other than The X who send him this. It was now that I decided that The X was going to be the first one I banish. However, he didn't stop there. He tells me that the contacted Rey_Kiko and asked to join their alliance. It was now that I brought Rey_Kiko in on this as well to act as support as he had been taken into this. Apparently The X had asked Jeff to align with him against Rey_Kiko and told Rey_Kiko to align with him against Jeff. I plan to hold a trial today in which he can try to explain himself, but once Jeff and Rey_Kiko show the evidence against him he will be banished no matter what he says.

- Jeff will help any dictator as long as it is in the interest of the common good
- Rey_Kiko can't keep his mouth shut. Don't trust him with information.

Today I started the community system. While it is true that this is to help organize group effort and friendliness between citizens, it also helps the dictator is several ways. While it does promote alliances, it also makes sure that they will not grow larger than 8 people. That way, no one alliance can get rid of the dictator and makes sure that if there is a revolution it isn't just a grasp for power and the dictator actually deserved to be removed. It also makes it so that sub-consciously, citizens will not be too angry when people from other towns are eliminated. This means that I will anger fewer people by eliminating more popular people.

June 21, 2005 - Day 3

The Task
So, I had a kickass contest planned for today but the damn towns wern't complete yet. At the last minute, I threw together a quick game called The Chain Letter. It didn't work out too well and nobody won. Oh well, at least I have something good for tommorow now that the damn towns are full.



Well Dynamo was a hypocrite and a liar. Oh, and I couldn't think of who to get rid of so I figured that he was going to be gone soon anyway, might as well be now.

(Mateui Note: Dynamo’s real identity was Belross)

June 22, 2005 - Day 4



Simply they haven’t logged in since registering.

Oh, and I'm rather pissed off right now. I made the town system simple as possible, just reply to the topic with either a town you're joining or if you're founding one. People just fucked it all up by switching around all the time, and now even information about complete towns which I recorded is inaccurate. I called for every citizen to pm me their town but I have a feeling it's going to fuck up then too. So, yet again, I postpone the game I had planned.

June 23, 2005 - Day 5



Another save vote off. Vectorman was annoying everyone and actually KNEW he was, but just kept doing it anyway. He had to go.

I filled in the rest of the towns today. almost 1/4 of the citizens are considered inactive and it's really starting to bug me. I would have continued with the banishment of inactive members if vectorman wasn't such a distraction
- Red Rising could cause some problems. Seems highly critical of me holding off a day to organize the towns.
(Mateui Note: The Red Rising was a communistic-like politic group made up of the members of the town of Redville. The town included such citizens as ATARI, MDN, Drule, WashCycle, and psyburn.)

June 24, 2005 - Day 6



This one was a BIG problem for me. I was under the impression that I had all day to do my banishment so it wouldn't mater if I was missing most of the day. However, apparently, I was about to get banished myself because I hadn't banished anyone. Sarah stood up and took my place, taking the available job as admin and saving my ass.
• Once again Red Rising is highly critical of me missing and speaks against me before I explain myself
(Mateui Note: Because I was leaving on vacation for a considerable time, I needed someone to replace me in looking over the game. Sarah volunteered and then took over my duties, banishing herself from the game in the process.)

June 25, 2005 - Day 7

Chef Boyardee


He said it himself on day 1, he was already bored with MTC and lost interest. He was just dead weight and I dropped him.

The Culture event ended today and it looks like I'll be giving the award to Juliana as they wend above and beyond even what I thought would happen. Village 1, previously the most organized town, has fallen apart and never even submitted anything.
- To deal with Red Rising I plan on temporarily switching people to other towns as a 'visiting' event. This will let me split up Redville to whittle it down while Rey is away.

June 26, 2005 - Day 8



He only posted twice an is relatively active at GW, so he had no excuse.

Red Rising
Not quite at critical as usual but this issue sets up problems to come.

The culture contest winner was chosen as Juliana and they elected Tophue as their member to win exemption. Nothing too special here.

June 27, 2005 - Day 9



This was the last of the inactive bans, and turned out to be a bad idea. It seems I made a few people angry about it, even though I gave Rowain warning through my sticky telling people to post AND and waiting the longest for him.

Red Rising
Ok, this is getting ridiculous. It's gone from bad to worse as Red Rising COMPLIMENTS me and says that the game was BOUND to be BORING so far, and can only get better. Now, tommorow, they're complaining that the game hasn't had much going on. I mean give me a fucking break, more then half the players don't even post so it's hard to get ANYTHING done.

June 27, 2005 - Day 10



I needed a way to show strength and though this was the perfect opertunity, but it seems that people don't fucking know what they want. They wanted me to not look weak, so I use my power to put down a wrongful revolution. Now people start complainingt that I was just protecting myself, even though they are also saying AT THE SAME TIME that Bisse was bound to fail.

Red Rising
Things are looking bad for me now. Red Rising dedicates several paragraphs to criticizing me about Bisse's banishment. Honestly, though, what was I going to do? It's not like ANYONE would have kept him in the game after he started a serious revolution. Oh, and here's something that really shows the mentality of the people playing. They keep voting in a poll I made saying that they want to roleplay, but it seems ALMOST EVERYONE thought the culture task, which was all roleplaying, was stupid. I honestly don't think I can stand this much longer, and with MDN and his group looking to start a revolution and rumors that Rey_Kiko is starting one tommorow, things couldn't be worse.


Team Task - I plan on mixing things up. Each town chooses a representative and those people are placed in OTHER towns. They must then work together on a task and the winning town's representative (The one from another town) has a choice. They can either accept the win, giving the town they're in right then immunity but accepting that they will be banished by doing so, or picking someone from their own home team to be banished and taking immunity for just themselves.

Individual Task - To give people something to do while they chose representatives for the team task, I set up a simple thing where people tell riddles and the last one to tell one will be given immunity for stumping all others. People still managed to fuck it up though, with Takeshi being a dumbass and messing it all up.

June 28, 2005 - Day 11



He was the one banished from the Great Purge.

That's really all that happened today

The Banishment List
01) The X (Citizen)
02) Dynamo (Citizen)
03) Serenity (Citizen)
04) Vectorman (Citizen)
05) Sarah (Citizen)
06) Chef Boyardee (Citizen)
07) UnusualGamer (Citizen)
08) Rowain (Citizen)
09) Bisse (Citizen)
10) Mike (Citizen)

Next time on MTCIV:
How long will jhelpme’s reign last? Will the Red Rising overthrow the dictator and elect one of themselves to take control of the game, or will jhelpme manage to regain public support?