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Article - 'Making an above average game' by Stevester

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 8, 2003


In the first of my 'making an above adverage game' series, I explain the importance of being ready, story, fun factor, and even customs.


Part 1: Are you ready?
But seriously, are you? Not many people consider this. Are you capable of making a game and actually finish it? If not, don’t even bother. Is your mind ready? Are you capable of strenuous work? This is definatly one of the more needed attributes. Some people may be halfway through the game when they decide they just can’t do it and give up. Half of the RM2K games out there are only demos and say “final version out January 2002!11!!! But you never see the full version, right? I’ll continue this section later on…

Part 2:Are you capable of finding a team?
This becomes pretty easy if you’re in the forums or have your own PH on GW, but any other way it becomes hard. The easiest kind of staff to get is for graphical resources, as graphic designers are so much more common than RM2K experts. I would say the hardest kind of staff to get would be someone to make a CMS or CBS, because there just aren’t that many people out there who don’t have their own game that would be willing to help you with that. No one can make a “good” RM2K game by themselves, unless you use RTP or DBS (Default Battle Systems) or DMS (Default Menu Systems.)

Part 3:Can your mind take it?
If you can’t take the stress of sitting and working on your game to make it better, than take a break. But if you take too many breaks, you’ll loose your inspiration. Don’t release a demo and then give up. When you do this, you’re just releasing more junk to the public. I suggest releasing a demo, taking a break doing the stuff you love (besides programming!) and then come back and finish your game. Never take too long of a break, however. Never!

Part 4:Give them what they want.
Put out polls, ask questions, do anything (yes, anything) to find out what they want from your game. It seems everyone says “dood your gme suxorx cuz tits dont got a CMS ro CBS 1/10 !!!!!!11” So, give them a CBS, give them a CMS and make them happy. (continued in part 5) The more of the intellectual gamers might actually look for a story (yes, I know its rare! :P) and find that your game doesn’t have one. The story is one of the most important part of the game, and if you don’t have one than frankly your game sucks. (continued in part 7) Your game also has to be fun. Now, if your game isn’t fun, who seriously is going to play it for more then five minutes? (continued in part 8)

Part 5:If you decide to make a CMS/CBS…
Whatever you do, don’t just throw something together. I find so many games out there that have a menu worse than the default, and some of the battle systems would be better in an Elmo sing-along game. If you make a CMS/CBS, make sure it will be signifigantly better (not just rearranged menu boxes) or you’re wasting your time.

Part 6:Character design.
This is an important part of the game. A lot of the games out there have no character design, and that just subtracts from the story. And if you’re going to make a character one way, don’t change it later unless the change is stated in the game. I hate to see a meek little guy who keeps himself clean and tidy become a pub-going beer drinker later in the game. It does happen, believe me.

Part 7:All- powerful storyline
This is the most important part of the game. Actually sit down and think about it. I know this may be hard for some of you, but bear with me. It takes time to come up with an original story. But if you can’t do that, then I suggest this: watch movies, read books, do anything that includes viewing a story. When your inspiration runs out, take a break and do some of the things listed above. You’ll get it back after a while. Just do not do one thing: Change the storyline. Stick with it, or you’ll loose the whole thing. What I mean is: Don’t go from comedy to serious to a love story to comedy. Unless you can do it well, stick with one or two that aren’t totally different.

Part 8: Make your game fun
Fun games keep you busy and aren’t impossibly hard. To keep your game moving, have mini games and a fun storyline. Have characters with different attitudes instead of just one strait-forward idea. Have interesting chips and charasets. You also need great innovation in your games. The more something repeats, the more boring it gets. No one will play your game for over 5 minutes if its boring.

...that said, I think story and 'funness' are directly linked, as if the one is bad, the other will be to.

Story-FUN=FF7. The best RPG ever, some say. But, we must all agree that FF7 would be hell if the story was reduced to 'Cloud is the bandit, he falls in love with a princess named ‘sword’, this guy comes that dresses like a girl and KILLS!!!!' (I.E. FF 79)

Fun-Story=Mario. The Mario games (how many) are some of the most fun games I ever played (besides the new ones... scary) and their stories were horrible. But they were all fun and time worthy. Strange? Not exactly...

Well, hope you enjoyed my teachings. If anyone follows these guidelines, than I must say that they will have a game that I for one will want to play.


Check out parts 2&3! Comming soon! (along with stevestores SEXY hand!