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An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 8, 2003


Arkalit3X talks about several storyline aspects you may want to consider.. (Yes, another storyline article)


3-The Problems
4-Side Quests
5-The Baddies! (Roar!)
7-Summary and Things
Lots of people I talk to and ask if they are working on a game say "Well my storyline kinda sucks" and "I dunno a good storyline! Roar!" and others (only 0) said that there storyline invovles a bandit named Sloud Crife.. get my drift? Well this tutorial will help you start thinking of a good storyline of you game! Woohoo! Lets go!
===P2:Characters and Development===
"My main character is a great warrior and his sole purpose in life is trying to wipe out all evil!"
Mr Donkey says "Now THAT Character has DEPTH! HEEHAW!"
This is one of the things that can screw up some RPG's. When making a Storyline, You gotta be sure theres more to your character then what Mr.Donkey thinks is good. What got him into the "Warrior Mode"? Did his father get killed by the evil guy? Or did he just have nothing better to do? (don't you dare!) And also, when developing the personallity, say if, in the beginning, he said all these nice things like "Hi" and "You look great today!" don't make him suddenly start talking crap. And as the storyline develops, try to reveal secrets about the Main Characters or other characters pasts. And Hint in beginning places to keep the gamer in suspense like "Well, i come from... oh nevermind, its not important." And Never SUDDENLY CHANGE! ROAR! Unless its a good reason, like, personality switch (lol) or you got sent through the, warning big word head --- "Space Time Continium!!!!!!!!!" ---- and you got kind of messed up. Oh and on Characters added to the party, PLEASE Don't add someone to your party by them just saying, "Hey! I Wanna join your quest!!" When you talk to them. Have an incident at the place you get the person that makes him/her want to repay you or something.
Alright I think this wraps this section up. Just remember, Develop the character! Don't just keep him the same! And Don't start him off as being some kind of god! Heroes become Greatness at the END of RPGs! And A Good Cliche avoider is to have the Hero start off as kind of a normal guy, living a normal life (don't say that in the intro scene) On to the next section!
Tally Ho!!
===P3:The Problems and Solvents!===
Heres where some people mess up! (Oh Noes!)
They Hint the problems very poorly or they flat out tell you what to do. Examples - You Walk into a town and talk to the every person and they all say "Hi" and the mayor tells you "Do exactly what I'm thinking right now! And if you Don't you can't progress!!!" - or - The first person you talk to in the town says "You should go north to the cave and kill the Giant Rat thats destroying the town" - Mr Donkey says "Thats G-G-G-GREAT! HEEHAW!"
Um.. no. You need to hint something throughout the town and have some towns people talk about it but not tell you where to go and some people kinda direct you to a certain person and when you talk to THAT guy, he says "Oh yea I know about the big (insert monster here) Really? You would help? Thanks!" Or something like that. I Can't really offer a lot of help here without telling you to do an exact thing, it differs with the quest how much hinting you need to do. Just remeber, Don't do like Example 1, and Don't do like Example 2! On to the next Part!
Rally Tally Ho!
===P4:Side Quests and Mini Games!===
Side Quests and Mini Games! The Most fun part of RPG's! Some people don't include GOOD ones though, Maybe 2 side quests that get you potions, Thats not what a True RPG Is! To have an RPG, You GOTTA Have Side Quests and Mini-Games! Otherwise the player gets bored, and when the player gets bored he quits. A Cool Mini-Game to have in your game are "Run Away from the Monster that is chasing you and if he touches you you get sent back to begin" - Those are fun! But don't get repetive. Im Sure you can think of some more to add in there but make sure you place them right. Don't have an Arcade Game called "Zoids" In the middle of a Enemy Castle. And Onto my Side-Quest Rant. I Can't stress enough how important it is to have SQ's. Normally a SQ Consists of a Series of Puzzle Games to get like a cat for a girl, nothing big. And Certainly not a battle in it. But theres MANY Circumstances that you gotta have a battle. Maybe theres a Rebel Warrior guild in a mountain and when you defeat them, you get a special item that boosts your strength. You didn't HAVE to beat them up now did you? But you Did? You get a reward for your work!
And Also, Don't place Side Quests wrong either! No Find a little girls cat in a hellish tomb! And Make sure you hint SQ's right too. And remember, the difference between a Mini-Game and Side-Quest is that one you Have to do sometime, and One you Can do if you want. I'm hoping you can see the difference. Some of you may say "You Don't HAVE to do Mini-Games!" But, well, That Eliminates the point of having them huh? I Mean, You can make it so you don't HAVE to do mini-games but it would get boring. I Know some of you could put up an argument to this but, is there a need? Well, Make sure you Hint'em right, Make'em right, Place'em right, and Have some FUN!On to the next part!
Rally Pally Tally HO!
===P5:The Baddies and Development===
LOTS of people mess up here. They make the baddie "Well he was born evil and at age 3 killed both of his parents and now hes the dark lord - Or - "A Evil demon is awakening because he wakes up every 1000 years and here he comes!" The second example COULD work, but it makes the storyline pretty bland. Kill the bad guy. Woot! Mr Donkey says "Hyuck Hyuck! My Bad guy throws bananas and people! HEEHAW" A Very important thing is bad-guy development. From Start-to-Finish people seem to think its OK for them to have there bad guy be there, destroying stuff, for no particular reason. Make sure theres a reason for them being all radixal and tweaking out! And In the END, Please don't make him morph into a super-powerfull beast. Please. (If he is already a super-powerfull beast just don't make him morph at all) Some things over-right the rules in this section, if you are really clever you could make a Great storyline out of, The Demon is Awakening! Just have fun making them and take into account Baddie's START-TO-FINISH Characteristics and Develop! Don't make him be the evil baddie the whole game without changing a single thing! I know, theres not a hell of a lot room in development with baddies but, some smart people will see what I mean. Say, Hes evil at first and wants to be the ruler of the world, but then he gets kind Sly and backstabs one of his generals because he is getting PARANOID that his plan isnt working because the General is gonna backstab him etc. etc. Well this wraps up the section, On to the next! Dally Rally Pally Tally HO!
===P:6The Beginning, The Ending===
Some people prefer to have the main char a Great warrior and then the Evil Baddie shows up and tries to take over whereas the Hero kills the baddie the end. Mr Donkey says "Weeee! HEEHAW!" NOOO!!!! ROAR ROAR BITE YOU!! TO have a Nice RPG Storyline you gotta have a Smooth transfer IN to the story, and a Smooth transfer out. I Can't give you a whole lot of tips here but as an example heres this - The guy is a Warrior guarding a castle, it is attacked while you are out hunting for some food in the woods you come back and its almost in rubble, a big flash of light from the sky and the bad guy descends from the sky ontop of the castle and says "I am awakened! The World will soon regret this! HWAAHAHAHA" - and then out - You are at his lair in hell, you go into the room "You can never destory me!" Big Battle goes into action, you "Kill him" "NOOO!! I shall return another day! And the world will be MINE!" and he dissapears, you then are transported out and the gates of hell close, you then have a reunion/celebration and you are crowned king of the castle, Untill next time folks! - You may think, "Well THATS Abrupt! You Suck!" but if you make the endings and beginnings start and end in about 7-13 scenes, thats NOT Abrupt. Some people end it in 1 scene. Heh. Well, Just make sure your begins and ends don't end as fast as this messa|
On to the last part! (screw the tally ho crap)
===P7:Summary and Things===
Well it took me a half hour to type, and Now I'm signing off. If you have any questions/suggestions get me in IRC and on the Forums. Hope this helped some of you out! Oh and, NONE of these rules exactly apply to Humour-Type-RPG's So you know. and you are in no way HELD to keeping these rules (as if you didnt know that already but keep reading)
i just suggest using them as they can help. Another thing is, don't think your story is going to be bad because it crosses a guideline here, like i said and am saying now, You CAN Violate a bunch of these lines, and make a good game! You definitly can.
Well it was fun typing this up. I hope it helped some people with there games. My email is my MSN is my AIM is Arkalit3X my IRC is Arkalit3X and Arkalit3. Lol. Ok, well Cya all alter! And Stay tooned for me Next Guide! The Special Items/Side Quest Guide!
Alright! Cya lata.