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Article - 'The Community; guide to the interactive Turf' by Faust

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


Huzzah! Propaganda for the community! Join now! Uncle Bart wants YOU *points*


The Community; guide to the interactive Turf

A thought came to me earlier. GW has a LOT of users but only 2000+ registered. I was puzzled by this as I KNOW thats not even a quarter of the site visitors accounted for! This fact saddened me mightily as I'm sure all of you out there are great and wonderful people (With the exception of Kazeuri who looks like Satan and is pretty much evil incarnate, and Nate who doesn't like fun!). Another thought hit me! What if we had some propaganda encouraging people to play a more active part in the community! Well so be it! Tie me down and call me Goebbels, heres the "Guide to the Turf"!!

How to go about doing this...hmm. Well I COULD offer you visions of delights, but that would be lying to you ;_;. What I CAN say is that the community is full of great characters whom I judge as some of the greatest people on the internet. The community is full of great jokes, fun people and entertaining occurances (like the time the room was attacked by the "**** Rael and Jehova" gang ;_;, or the time Faust's exiled stratics buddies joined up :D!).


Everyone registered with GW has an automatic forum account now. In the old days you had to make a seperate account for both site and forums, which is still true in the case of most sites. Now you have a forum account: Why not use it? The boards are filled with many interesting topics, news, discussions and, above all, the ability to get to know other GW users. For example, at the moment a "photo" thread is running, giving you the chance to see what deformed monstrosities run and visit GW on a regular basis! Stuck with your game? Try one of our many developer help forums. Need to recruit people for your game creation team? The people power forum is for that purpose!

With most forums and communities (especially in the game making community) elitism and "n00b bashing" are rampant. While this does still sometimes happen, it is quickly stamped out by me (Faust) and my little team of new user helpers (Pyrate, Shadow_Rider, Alexander). The "New User" forum is the place to introduce yourself. Make a post about yourself and tell us some of your details (nothing personal, unless you want to lol). Some people said "Oh no! That will attract spam!", but the same people complained a lot when new users posted "hello" threads in the general forum. Any "n00b basher" in the community is dealt with to make sure that a friendly atmosphere is prevailent for all users, newer or older. Hop on over now and make your thread!

Sometimes people have a hard time fitting in due to a complex that they are new and therefore "lesser". This is untrue TO THE EXTREME (I am cool. See my terminology? "yo"!). The fact that you haven't been here as long as grandpa joe, who used Rm1k back in the days where computers were actually Abacuses, doesn't mean you will be looked over or treated with any less respect than the more veteran users. Many of our staff are relatively new to the community and we hire on an "equal oppurtunities basis" as I like to call it. This basically means that people are hired on ability rather than "time in the community". One of the major things I tried to change during my brief stint at the original rebirth was the elitism that was as a plague throughout. Unfortunately I couldn't despite my attempts ;_; but now, with a dedicated team and support from the staff, we are able to make the community fun for all! Huzzah!

The moderators for the forums all uphold the RoC (Rules of Conduct) which can be found on the IRC page ( ). They aren't tyrants or oppressors and are generally interested in helping you should you require assistance. Come along! Hop on the man tra...Discussion boards! With an average of 30+ users active at any one time and literaly thousands of posts per day you'll never be bored! ^_^!


Now, after all the fun of the forums, are you ready to handle the wonders of the Internet Relay Chat? ~~~~ go there for information on how to reach the wonderful world of IRC.

#gamemaker is full of hilarity and generally great discussions. We average around 35 users at peak times. The home of the funny maens, Bart's forum signature "Another day in #gamemaker" reflects the fun we get up to. With quotes like [Bart] Ham makes my belly hurt, and [Darkpriest] RAA ALA LAAA (he says this when the room is quiet as to spam and gain more lines XD), what more can you ask for?

IRC allows you to meet people one on one and take part in instant discussions rather than wait a while for them to get back to you on the forums. It is the prime source of information about GW and things are generally announced there first.

If you would like more information about IRC, read the IRC page at GW (entitled "chat"). We hope to see you there!

GW overall

As the current largest game creation community, GW benefits from support from Makers, widely talented people and a large, helpful staff. Registering allows you to enter the magic that is our community rather than being a lurker. Give something back, register today! it takes but a few seconds!