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Article - 'The Little Things' by Arkalit3

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 8, 2003


An article on the little things people leave out in their games


2=Side Quests
3=Special Items
6=Battle Animations

This tutorial is about little things that I see people RARELY put into there games, Its things in the Database that people just don't really think about, Leaving the RTP's default settings in there games, "its ok! nobody ever says anything about it!" but it can really enhance a game. This tutorial will tell you some of the little things that get overlooked in the release of a game.

===Part-2:The Side Quests===

This is something that almost NOBODY leaves out, but almost EVERYBODY doesnt put enough in. Someone will mention it and they'll say "yea! I have a SQ in my game!" and sure enough, theres only 1 or 2. SQ's are very important in the fun factor, and can add alot to the storyline if built right. Always remember to implement at least 10-20 SQ's depending on the length/seriousness of your game. A Definite plus. And don't make SQ's "Go find a cat thats right outside the door" Make them like the Golden Chocobo in FF7 or The Choco Digging thing in FF9, But don't make them SO Long as that the player can't complete it in 20 minutes or so. A Good thing to have is a SQ that is like a PPSQ, like, collecting rocks or something, thats always a plus. This part is very hard, as it depends on YOUR Game, so some of the numbers in this can be WAY WAY Off, and if you think so, tell meh in the comments :) On to the next section!!!

===Part-3:The Special Items===

I Wrote a tutorial on how important these are, and how lots of people leave them out, Basicly, this is just like the Weapons/Armor section. You NEED to make special items. Like RELIC, that Increase your str or agi but not in insane amounts, and you should NEVER be able to buy Stat-Increasing items in a store unless its a Magic Shop that you want in your game and it costs INSANE Amounts of money (lol, just kidding) but what im saying is: Why waste time exploring the dungeons and castles when you can buy the stat increasers in a store? Check out my Special Items tutorial to learn more about these.
Move on!

===Part-4:Weapons and Armor and Items===

Now THIS Bugs me. When people leave the RTP Weapons and Armor and Accesories and Items in there games. ROAR! I'm not saying delete the DB and make them all from scratch because this is VERY Hard to do, because you could greatly under-estimate and over-estimate the correct stats on the items/weapons, But i always adjust some things and RENAME THEM!! I don't use Iron Sword and crap, I named it Short Scimitar, and then the next thing on the list was War Scimitar etc. Where they used to be Long Sword, Short Sword, Talking BLAND! Rarely people mess with these, and you should. Shows people you payed attention to the Little Things in your game. On to the next section! Roar! Monsters!

===Part-5:Monsters ROAR!===

Always adjust the graphics, stats, and items that monsters drop according to your game, items prices etc. and the Rarity of items, and the Critical percentage of your monsters. This is a WAY Plus. Its not hard ot search for a bunch of monster GFX and then put them in place of the "Slime" Change the slimes name to correspond with the graphic, adjust the DMG/Magic stuffs. Have fun with this. And Please Don't be lazy and leave the RTP Monsters in. The RTP Monsters are GOOD! Just don't have them consist of every monster in your game. About 20-50 custom monsters and RTP Monsters and thats pretty good. On to the next! Swish Clang!

===Part-5:Battle Animations===

Now LOTS Of people do this.. sad.. it doesnt take a lot of effort to delete the Sword 1 Sword 2 Sword 3 Animations and then make your own by playing around with it. And it doesnt take much effort at ALL to edit the sword graphics to make them a little cooler looking. It does take a LITTLE more effort to make characters spellsets but an easy way to do it is to make a little spell named Soandso's Spells
and then a spell named --------- on both sides and the bottom of the RTP Spells and then you can dig out RTP or custom Battle Animations and create your own spellsets and put them on your char. This is a very good plus. Those are some things that should definitly be added to your game. On to the next section! Tally Ho!

===Part-7:The Messages===

GRAMMER + SPELLING + GRAPHICS+ FACES!!!!!! A HUGE Plus to your game since Messages are seen all over the place (duh) and if they have correct Grammer and Spelling its a very ncice thisng sincei pepple somieties scerw up adn its gets annitoying. See? Always go over a maps Dialogue when your through with it to check for errors, and Playtest often. On the Graphics part, its a big plus to have transparent message boxes. Makes it look very prettyfull if done nice. Use PSP7 or so to make one and ping* you got a nice looking Transparent Message Box (thats in another tutorial..) Big plus there, and Faces in your messages. Those are VERY Good plus. Just use the right faces for moods.. it is kinda hard I guess to make good looking expressions but it might just be because of your laziness. Don't use a smiley girl face talking when shes sad. Its OK if you Don't use faces thats accualy nice looking, looks a little better if the faces are done RIGHT. GaZZwa made a tutorial on this, you should check it out for more help on this. Look at the tutorials! Very good for you! On to the last!

===Part-7:The Outro (is that a word?)===

No its not. Someone made it up though. Anyways, This concludes it. Thanks to GaZZ and some other peoples for making tutorials that I added bits from (in my own words of course) that I got the idea to add to here. Thanks to Faust, just because hes cool.
Thanks to anyone I left out and if you want to contact me my Aim is Arkalit3X my MSN is, my IRC is Same as AOL. Alright, Cya!! Hope this reminded some of you about, "The Little Things"

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