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Article - 'The RM2K Awards 2002 Part 1' by Rusty

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


A report written on "The RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony 2002" by our favourite gnome reporter, Rusty. The first part of this report tells of the famous evening, up until when the e-mail lines for voting open.


"This is Rusty the Gnome, reporting for Gaming World, outside the Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, where the RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony 2002 is to take place tonight! The atmosphere here is fantastic! Every single ticket was sold within an hour of the phone lines opening! I have seen hundreds of people rushing into the Kodak Theatre, desperate to claim their seats, and many thousands more who didnt manage to book tickets are out here on the streets tonight, eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of some of the many celebrities who have already turned up tonight. Were going to have Lysander86, RPG Advocate, Squirrel, SovanJedi, Rast, QHeretic, Darkpriest, Bart and many MANY more! And yes! I can now confirm that the rumours are indeed true! Don Miguel is here in Los Angeles! This is all very exciting, it looks to be the best RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony yet. Well be seeing how the lastest games like SovanJedis Idunn Ymiraldor and Bloodroses In the Name Of The Rose do compared to the well-loved oldies like Lysander86s A Blurred Line, QHeretics Kindred Saga, and Kamaus Legion Saga II. And, like always, it is you that decides who will win! Later on in the evening, I will announce when the e-mail lines have opened, and you will have your opportunity to say who you think should win each award.

"Whats this? The crowd have suddenly gone wild! The noise is deafening! Ah... theres the cause! A limousine has just pulled up outside the Kodak Theatre! This is our last celebrity to turn up tonight, and I think I have a good idea of who it is! The door is opened, and a 16 year old lego-man steps out. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a block of cheese imprinted on the front, and on the back are the words "God of Cheese!". This can be none other than Bart, the founder of Gaming World, and my boss! This is the first time Ive actually met him in person! Ill see if he has time for some questions.

"Hello there Bart! Would you be able to answer some questions for me? (After all, this report is for your website!)"

(Bart looks at his watch.) "Yes, I think Ill have time to answer a few." (He says before waving to his cheering fans and smiling for the camera.)

"Well, to put it one way, RPG Making wouldnt be where it is now without you. GamingW is probably the biggest site for RPG Maker 2000 graphical resources, which has proved essential in the prettyness of many of todays RPGs. Also its large tutorial database helps many new and also older RPG Makers with making their games even more impressive. How does it feel to know that your site, GamingW, has made RPG Maker 2000 what it is today?"

"Sorry, could you repeat that?"

"No problem. To put it one way..."

"No, I was just joking fool!" (Bart sighs and shakes his head) "Well, it is a great feeling Rusty, but of course I am but the person who designed the site. It wouldnt be where it is just now without the community itself, who tirelessly send in resources and tutorials, which is what keeps the site alive! Thank you all very much! (Bart waves to the crowd who scream and shout in return."

("Now I know why he is called the God of Cheese. That was one of the cheesiest speeches Ive ever heard! He so prepared that earlier!)

"Well, the ceremony is going to be starting any second, so I best get in and get my seat! Ill be back in a couple of minutes.

"Back! Finding my seat was no easy job! The place is PACKED! Oh... the lights are fading... it must be about to start!"

"Ladies and gentleman... boys and girls... mythical creatures of all kinds... and fellow moomins." starts Wishmoo "It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony 2002, and to start off the evening tonight, with a brief summary of the history of RPG Maker 2000. It all started when a company called Kanjihack were translating the program RPG Maker 95. Everything was going nicely...until they were shut down. It seemed all was lost. Many peoples hopes of being able to make their own RPG were shattered. That is, until a "spiffy" Russian man named Don Miguel entered the scene. He picked up where Kanjihack had left off, and completed the translation. The translated RPG Maker proved very popular, and many people worldwide used it. Then, not long later, a new program was released... RPG Maker 2000. People looked to Don for a translation... and he did it! Since then RPG Maker 2000, or "RM2K", has gone through many different eras... the era of RTP graphics... the era of custom graphics... the era of custom battle systems and custom menu systems. Later on in the evening, these eras, and the games which caused RM2K to move into these eras will be discussed. Yet now, with great honour, please let me introduce your host for tonight... yes, its the one, the only, the great... DON MIGUEL!!!"

"The crowd erupt!!! Theyre screaming!!! I can see Don running to the front of the stage, he holds his hands high in the air and screams "I IZ THE SPIFFY MAN!!!", and the crowd scream even louder!!! I have never seen anything like this! The crowd love him!!!"

(Don walks over to the microphone and waits a couple of seconds for the crowd to calm down.) "Thank you, thank you all! Yet now, without much further ado-do, me would like to open the spiffy e-mail lines for the voting! It is simple, there is 10 awards:
1. Most fun RM2K game
2. Most original RM2K game
3. Best non-RPG game created with RM2K
4. Best female RPG Creator
5. Best male RPG Creator
6. Best RM2K comedy game
7. Best custom menu system
8. Best custom battle system
9. The RM2K game that made the biggest impact
10. Best RM2K game ever .
You simply GWMail Rusty, and write the numbers 1 - 10. Beside each number, write the game/person you wish to win the award! If it is a game that you write down, please also write down the creator of that game if you know them. AND NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF! Now we will take short break while the votes are counted, but well be back later!"

"Yes, thats right! Please take advantage of the fact that you get to decide who wins, and vote! Well be back shortly. The voting will be open until the 14th August 2002. Remember to stay tuned, later on you can expect many more interviews. I will be asking the nominees what they think their chances of winning are, and Ill also be speaking to some people from the crowd. Of course, there will also be the awards themselves! Bye for now!"

Rusty The Gnome, for, July the 28th, 2002