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Article - 'The RM2K Awards 2002 Part 2' by Rusty

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


A report written on "The RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony 2002" by our favourite gnome reporter, Rusty. The second part of this report reveals the nominees for the first five awards.


This is Rusty the Gnome, reporting for Gaming World, inside the Kodak Theatre (Los Angeles) at the RPG Maker 2000 Awards Ceremony 2002!

Don steps back up to the microphone.

"Well, that was one LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG commercial break! Seems as if it lasted nearly a month! Hope no ones hungry!!!"

There are several murmurs from throughout the crowd. With a flick of his hand Don indicates for his Russian Mafia minions to dispose of the moaners.

.: The reason for the presence of the Russian Mafia members goes back to the theory that Kanjihack never in fact quit translating RPG Maker 95, but that Don is in fact the head of the Russian Mafia, and that he had Kanjihack murdered in the final stages of translation. It is thought that he did this so as to be able to finish the translation himself and become famous (and set up a "spiffy" Manga shop on his site and make lots of money). However, that is another story entirely... :.

Although the size of the audience is now slightly diminished, those who are still with us suddenly seem much happier.

Showing the crowd his biggest smile Don continues.

"Well, the break gave me some time to touch up on my English anyway! The votes have all been received and counted. The wonders of computers these days, how this can all be done in one short commercial break!"

"SHORT!!!111oneoneone" screams a n00b from the crowd, whom the Mafia soon take care of.

"The programme for the rest of the night is this: First, I will annouce the nominees for each of the awards. There will then be a commerical break while the tea party is being set up. The purpose of the tea party is of course, widely unknown; yet it is thought that it gives time for spirits to rise and excitement to grow, for annoying reporters to interview the nominees, and for the nominees to have a big fight between each other."

There are several cheers from the crowd, and above them all could be heard SlackerBoy saying "I really need to go to the bathroom."

"During the tea party there will be provided some light entertainment from selected representatives of the RPG Maker 2000 community. Once the tea party has finished, there will be another commercial break while the mess is cleared up. After the break, the award for each category will be announced and presented by a special guest, and no doubt during the presentation of the final award there will be an assassination attempt or something along those lines."

There are several murmurs of agreement from the crowd, and one high-pitched cackle.

"Yet now, without any further interruptions..."

Ramirez suddenly sneezes, causing Don to glare at him angrily.

Clearing his throat, Don continues. "I will now announce the nominees for the first award; the Most Fun RPG Maker 2000 Game!"

The lights dim and a spotlight illuminates Don. Another smaller spotlight reveals Moriason sitting in the corner by a computer, happily performing live midi-sequencing. The crowd politely applause the music. Behind Don curtains slowly are drawn aside revealing a huge screen. Onto the side of the stage walks Derek, holding a video camera.

---- Most Fun RPG Maker 2000 Game ----

After a payse for effect, Don starts. "So, who made the game that was just downright fun? It didnt necessary have to have a cbs or a cms or anything like that; but from start to finish the player just thoroughly enjoyed the game. Who? You voted, and now heres the nominees for the Most Fun RPG Maker 2000 Game!

"DarkPriest with his RPG Maker Story!"

Derek zooms the camera in to where DarkPriest is bashfully sitting in the crowd.

If any of you readers do not know, DarkPriest is the creator of many classic games, and a staff member at (Yes, all you readers already know.. but hey!) He has been nominated for his game RPG Maker Story, which is community based game, and although it is kind of old, it was one of the greatest games of its time!

"Rast with his game, Dragon Destiny!"

Dragon Destiny is one of the few finished RPG Maker games in the community. It is also not only a finished game, but a good finished game! Rast is also known for his "Bobs Big Adventure" game.

"Kamau with his game, Legion Saga 2!"

If you use RPG Maker 2000 it is VERY unlikely that you have never heard of the Legion Saga series; but anyway, the Legion Saga series is possibly the most popular series made with RM2K. (Probably due to the fact that very few people have ever completed a game, and even less have completed 2!!!)

"And TK, with his Final Fantasy fan-game, Final Fantasy:Crystal Wings!"

TKs game Crystal Wings is probably the only good Final Fantasy fan-game available for RM2K. It features a great custom battle and menu system!

The crowd applause all the nominees.

---- Most Original RPG Maker 2000 Game ----

"Now, theres been plenty of games that have been accused of being Final Fantasy rip-offs and the like. However, there have also been plenty of games that the designer thought of off the top of his head. Which ideas were great? Which ideas werent so? Heres the nominees for the Most Original RPG Maker 2000 Game!

"Lun, with The Way!"

Lun is the creator of the great RPG Maker 95 game, Crestfallen: Inception. The Way is Luns RPG Maker 2000 project, and is a very pretty game which uses Panoramas instead of chipsets!

"SovanJedi, with Idunn Ymiraldor!"

SovanJedi is the creator of Nigsek:A Monsters Tail; and this, his hard-to-spell latest game, is a small, but VERY impressive demo.

"Staind2000, with his game Super Turbo Power Man!"

Well, Super Turbo Power Man is definitely original (Im sure you could tell from the name!) It is a puzzle based game, and is in a totally different style from all other RPG Maker 2000 games!

"And... Kamau has been nominated again, this time for his demo of Legion Saga 3!"

Legion Saga 3 is the latest installment in the Legion Saga series, and the first to feature a CBS.

---- Best non-RPG game created with RM2K ----

"RM2K was made for RPGs, but due to the extremely friendly user interface many other types of games have been created with it. The nominees for the Best non-RPG game created with RM2K are...

"DarkPriest with Santas Sled Racin!"

Another fantastic game by DarkPriest this is, and a particular favourite of mine. It was made for a Christmas competition, and you control Santa... Sled Racing!!! And it features Homer Simpson, yay!

"Excidiums game, Librarian Battles!"

Its a Mortal Kombat style game for RPG Maker 2000!!!

"Laughys Tetris!"

Well... its Tetris... but for RM2K! Very addictive, and features a challenge mode and a Ping-pong mini-game!

"And... the King of all things RM2K, its Rusty with... Fantasy Battle!"

The crowd go ecstatic!!! Thunder is heard as everyone in the room stamps their feet against the crowd, and suddenly lots of female gnomes wearing mini-skirts jump up onto the stage and do a funky stomping gnome dance routine while shouting "Go Rusty, go Rusty!"

A note from the author: It is possible that the description of what happened when Fantasy Battle was announced is not entirely accurate...

After around 10 minutes when the celebrations of Fantasy Battle having been announced as a nominee die down, Don continues...

---- Best female RPG Creator ----

"Well, although the number of females in the RM2K community is consideranly lower than that of the males, it does not in any way mean that they are less capable than the males, as has been proved by the fantastic custom menu and battle systems of Breekan, and the excellent graphics and fantastic adventure battle system of RPGGoddess, only to mention a few. Here are the nominations for the Best female RPG Creator...


Wishmoo (also known as MomHeretic) is the mother of QHeretic, founder of GamingGroundZero. She has been nominated for her great game Tabernacle.


*Shrugs* Never heard of the person. (Google search results - match "LL Minamis ToS demo" @


The creator of Dark Apocalpyse, a game which contains the best Custom Battle System, Custom Menu System, and Custom Name Entering System I have seen in any RPG Maker 2000 game! ...although unfortunately it has never been released to the public.


Awesome graphic artist, kickass battle system designer, and best of all, shes a gnome!!! Yay!!!

---- Best male RPG Creator ----

"Well, its the big one. Who is the best male RPG Creator? Theres been so many classic RM2K games released in its time... who makes the best ones? Heres the nominees for the Best male RPG Creator!


No surprises here, Legion Saga is the biggest game series available for RM2K!


He makes games like they should be - fun!


With Nigsek and Idunn under his belt, he could well be a winner...


When Final Fantasy Zero was released it blew everyone away, the fact that it wasnt in English didnt deter many!

"Well, the nominees for the first five awards have been announced... and now its that time in the programme again. Weve been through half of the serious awards... and now its time for a fun award! Through vast popularity, this years award is... for the person with the brightest avatar!"

---- Brightest Avatar Award ----

"Well, its time to reveal this years fun award winner, and the owner of the Brightest avatar. Its... OwlStorm!!!"

Don suddenly runs off stage, and the large screen which before showed what Derek was filming now suddenly changes to show this:

There are screams of horror from the crowd. Deji can be heard wailing "MY EYES, MY EYES!!!"

Don runs back onto stage wearing shades. Yes, here shown is OwlStorms avatar on a full cinema size screen at 100% brightness! Come on up and collect your prize OwlStorm!"

From out of her seat OwlStorm runs up to the stage, tears of happiness in her eyes. As she runs down the aisle a blinded and confused Rast walks into her. "Shiver me timbers!!!" he cries before crouching on the ground and performing his infamous chicken impersonation.

When she arrives on stage Don gives Owlstorm a big hug, pats her back and wipes the tear stains from her eyes. The audience are silent, probably in awe of OwlStorms overflow of emotion. Don then presents a small trophy to Owlstorm. She steps up to the microphone, tears once again coming to her eyes...

"Wh... what ca..can I say? Ive... never felt so pr...proud in my life!" She sniffs. "Id just like to thank..."

Don steps over to her, and can faintly be heard whispering to her "Could you step just slightly to the left please?"

Sniffing Owlstorm nods and takes a step to the left, "Id just like to thank..."

She is cut short as a trap door opens beneath her feet, and she drops through it like an elegant brick, desperately trying to flutter its wings as it falls from the scaffolding of a building site.

Don runs to the trap door and gazes down. "AND TAKE YOUR GOD-DAMN AVATAR WITH YOU!!!" he screams.

Suddenly lots of people can be heard doing the River Dance, stamping their feet and clapping in the air... oh no, wait, thats just the crowd!!! Theyve gone wild!!! There are whoops of delight from all over; even Rast looks up to let out a cock-a-doodle-do of delight! Lots of female gnomes wearing mini-skirts jump up onto the stage and do a funky stomping gnome dance routine while shouting "Go Don, go..." before being halted by an angry glance from me.

Don raises his hand in the air, nodding happily and acknowledging the crowds love for his actions. "Ive been wanting to do that for a lllllooooonnnnnggggg time!" he exclaims, to the crowds delight!

"Well, theres going to be an unexpected commercial break now." Don continues. "Its not that its necessary, its more due to the fact that the more adverts we show, the more money I get! Also, while the breaks running, dont feel bored! Go to and take a look at my shop! Ive got lots of stuff there, from How to Draw Manga books, to GBA equipment! Happy shopping!"

This was Rusty, reporting for GamingW at the RPG Maker 2000 Awards 2002. The report will continue after the break!

(P.S. PLEASE dont take any offence if youre mentioned here, its all meant in good humour!!!)