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Tutorial - 'Using Plugins' by MrG

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A basic tutorial on using plugins in RPG toolkit


- Download a plugin from the Resources section
- Save the file to your Toolkit2/Plugin directory.
- Unzip this file using WinZip (, and extract all the files
to the Plugin directory.
- If you cannot see a file called tkplugX.dll, click on View/Folder
Options/View and then click on Show All under Hidden Files
- Right click on tkplugX.dll, click Rename, and rename tkplugX.dll to
- Open up the Toolkit
- Click on the Main File Editor, then Plugins
- Click on the square next to Use Plugin 0
- Any further plugins you download, simply extract their DLL file to your
Toolkit2/Plugin directory, and make sure its filename doesn't start with tkplug
- The plugin downloads contain instructions on using them, be sure to read each one seperately

Note: A bit of text from Vampz in this tutorial