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Tutorial - 'FF style Airship' by Zanifer

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Have you ever wondered how to make a airship such as the ones from the final fantasy series?


Have you ever wondered how to make a airship such as the ones from the final fantasy series its quit simple really.

To start this off you are going to have to make 3 variables: Airship x, Airship y, Airship Z.
Now make two or more maps mainly Airship, and Dummy Map,(note:dummy map has to be copy of whatever your world is like but you can walk on every thing. number 2 when you get teleported here change graphic to your airship graphic,) and any submaps to airship such as personal hqs or medic bay or even telepoting room anyway is fine but the dummy map is going to have to look like your world map and werever there is an eterable place make an event activate by push of a key and make a meorize were you are in the variables Airship X, Airship Y, Airship Z or if you have it:

show message name of place
show choice: Yes, No
(Yes Case)
Teleport to:???
Change Graphic Back to normal.
Memorize Cordinates Var: Airship X, Airship Y, Airship Z
move event airship memorized place var: Airship X, Airship Y, Airship Z.

(No Case)

:End Case.

Make it like such

ok now make it so when you go to the main panel or pilot make whatever dialoge you like then teleport to the dummy map so now we must make the actual airship so make its graphic your airship graphic and
make it activate by push of key and over hero as hero. then make the coding teleport you to the airship werever you would like.

and to tell you the truth thats about it you just need to understand variables and 1 more thing when you make the events make it so that you cant just go were ever you please make it so you can only go wherever you choose if you have the switch activated
you can go there.

BIG BIG BIG NOTE:i am very sorry if this is hard to understand but i am worn out from getting back from six flags for 11 hours so see ya.