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Tutorial - 'Season Changing Items' by 3dnewbie

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Learn how to make items that change the year or the season like in the Zelda oracle games


First of all you need to take every map you are going to use and have one that is totally blank like wild life. Then make one that has the early stages of a town. Next make one where the buildings are dark and dingy, look old.
second you need to make 3 switches, past, present, future.

create an item that will change the time period. make it a switch. then on everymap that will be influenced by the time change create an event make it paralell process. then a fork options to check if the time item is equiped if so enter password 5 ask show choice Past, present, future. for each answer have a change chipset to their coresponding chipset then change the other swiches to off and the coresponding switch on.

then for the people. I would personally use about 5 people for the past, 10 for the present(the original 5 and their chiledren), and 20 for the future(the original fives children and their grand children)

Lets take alex as a person not hero. have his event conditions be past on. then create a second page and have old alex, make his conditions present on, then on the third page leave it blank, have conditions future on poor alex is dead.

Seasons is basically the same but there are more swiches and more maps.

for the people if winter is on have them in a parka, second page if spring is on have them were springtime clothes for summer shorts, and for fall something fall like.