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Tutorial - 'Ripping Snes Resources' by Hyper.Sonic

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A tutorial giving the (debatable) best way to rip snes resources.


Hello GW comunity!
Hyper.Sonic here, I have wrote a tutorial on how to easily rip resources from SNES games in zsnes.
If you dont know about emulation go to
So, lets get on with the turorial:
You can use FF3 as an example. (this is almost the same for every game but the easiest one is FF3)

Zsnes layers (keys 1-5)
Using zsnes you can view the different layers of a game by pressing the # keys from 1 to 5, generally the chipsets are the layers 1 and 2, the charsets are always the 5 and the pictures and panoramas are the keys 3 and 4. Remember: to take snapshots press F1 and select "take snapshot" (you can save it as .png or .bmp).

Open a chipset (to paste your new chipset), and open zsnes with the game.
As i said before chipsets are the keys 1 and 2, so take out all the other layers.
Take a snapshot with only the first layer enabled, then take another with only the second one.
After you have all the parts paste them into another chipset and click on save as, and thats it!

Open a charset to paste them and the load the game.
Take out all the layers except the layer #5 and take pictures with all the poses of the char. (It can be a little difficult take the 3 walking frames)

You should already know how to rip panoramas.
After some time you will become a ripping master.

Hope that will motivate everyone to do a game with better graphics, after some work you can make the best game :)