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Tutorial - 'Screen Panning' by z-soft

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A tutorial showing you how to use pan screening!


Hi. Today Im going to teach you to do Pan Screen. Its pretty easy to do, but is very effective. This moves the screen without having the character moving.

Step 1: Make a new event. Click in the Event Commands and go to the second page. On the right hand side you should see Pan Screen. Click on it.

Step 2: Click on the move position button. Now click on the direction you wish to move the screen. Now for the number of chips box, click the number of steps you want the screen to move. Then select the speed at which you want to move the screen. (Almost like moving a character.)

Step 3: Do your event then you want to return to your character. To do this make a new Event command and click on Return Pos. and the screen will automatically go back to the hero.

You may want to use this to show the path ahead, or the way to go. But, there are many possiblities for this. Have fun.

Ferny Productions

Any trouble understanding? E-mail for help.How to use Pan Screen.