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Tutorial - 'GMAXing with Lithium' by lithium

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woopia! gmax: editable patch tutorial

welcome to the editable patch tutorial. here you will learn how to make a stick man using simple cones, trios(s) and cylinders mixed and match by Editable Patch in GMAX, a 3d modeling program.
first, you should start off with a new project, you'll get 4 views: top, front, left, and perspective. Each of these are equally important with making your stick figure symetric.

Select box and make it about 4 inches in height. You'll have to type it in on the left, its going to be hard for you to get an exact 4.0a as the screenshot shows. After your done making the box, right-click on it and you'll see a whole sidebar full of options. But the only important one right now is "Convert to" which you also see in the screenshot.

For right now, select patch, and lets start molding the left leg. When you click on Make Editable Patch, right-click again and there will be another window with options for that molding type. Move your mous onto that window and select "Create Patch". And a slightly bigger 3d box will come over your box, along with a cursor with dotted lines. Match teh cursor and click on the box in the lower-right box and the upper-right box. Then right-click off the model and re-right-click on the shape. This time choose "Bevel Patch" and you'll be able to pull it up and apart. Pull it up about 4 inches (not by mesure rule, by the bottom bars Y mark) and let go of the mouse. Then pull it apart about 3.667 inches (again, not by measure rule, by the bottom bars X mark). If you followed this correctly, your leg should come out to look like this(notice the top, left, and front views to get a better way of how things should look.

Now, your saying: "I have to do that again?" NO! You don't new technology allows us to clone the currently selected model. So all you have to do is: go to edit on the toolbar, go down to "clone" and the leg you just made, is cloned. A window will pop up and ask you to name the box, but just leave it as "Box02". It will appear for your moving delight right on top of the other leg. WAIT! Look on your 2nd toolbar. See where Z is selected, well if you want to move it up and down, use that. But right now you need Y and X. You should click X and move it over to center withe the other leg, about 3 inches over, you can make it more if you want room for a fat 3d model.

Alright. Now its time for the body. Your body with be shaped somewhat like a lampshade. You'll need to select a cone. Bring it up to 10.163 height. Your radius 1 and 2 are VERY important so make sure they are: 1 = 10.872 and 2 = 3.82. If they are not those 2 exact numbers, your cone will look wierd. Also, it should have 42 sides and only 1 cap segment.

It would be easiest for you to just use X and Y to center the cone body in between the two legs and then use Z to bring it up. It selected all the shapes you that I could center the model to give me space for the arms. Just de-select all the of shapes then highlight them all the same way you would in MS paint. Now. Time for the arms. These are a bit more complicated then any other part of the body. Lets start with a good shape to Patch, a cylinder. Make the cylinder about 20.354 high and make the radius 3.662 (it could be fatter or smaller if you want, but for now, you can leave it at that if you want to follow the tutorial step-by-step. You have to rotate and align the arm with the body. We won't get into modeling of the fingers and the hand itself until part 2. For now you should just patch it so that it has a round surface on the end. Enable patching by the ways listed above and start creating your patch around the tip of the arm, then bevel the patch and pull out the patch to look like a hand. When your finished with the right arm.

Now just clone the arm and rotate it around so that it fits on the other side, I thought I mix it up and make the model have sword for those of you modeling for games. It just the same as patching, only pulling it further out.

Well, time for the final step. The head. The easiest part. All it is involved of is making a sphere, and using X,Y, and Z to center it on the neck. Then you have made your first 3D figure model. Congratulations.

Now, that you have used Editable Patch to create a 3D model. You will be ready for the Moderate Modeling with Patch, part 2 of this tutorial. Look for it when its ready. But for now, so long.