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Tutorial - 'In-Depth Timer Tutorial' by Dazzeld

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How to make a VERY in-depth timer for your game!


Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Lets begin with a simple timer effect. Dont worry I will go through each step with you to make
Sure you suceed! Also this will involve mostly variables but this should be considered a warmup!

Open your database (F8) then go to the Common Events tab. Select a blank common event and name it
"Game Timer" without the quotes of course! set the "Event Start Condition" to "Parralel Process"
Now make a switch by clicking the checkbox by the "Appearance Conditions Switch" and clicking the
"...". select a blank switch and name it "Game Time" Again, without the quotes! Ok, we have the
conditions set up now for the main coding. in the pitch white area double left click in the blank
space and go to tab #3. Choose "Comment" and put in " *** GAME TIME ***" again without quotes!
Now under that line of coding double left click on the blank space and go to tab #3. Choose
"Fork Conditions" and click "Switch" on and make the switch that we want to turn on "Game Time".
Also do NOT add an else case to that fork condition, disable else cases at the bottom of the
"Fork Conditions" options menu by unchecking it. Now double left click on the blank space below
that line of coding and on tab #1 choose "Change Variable" and in the options menu that pops up
click the buton on the top that says "One". Select a blank variable but name it "Timer - Seconds"
again, yet without the quotes! And "Set" it for "+" and in the "Operand" "Set" it for "1" and
click "OK". Now we have our seconds! So every time a second goes by it adds 1 second to... well
here is where the minutes come in so that when the seconds reach 60 it deletes the seconds and
adds 1 to the minutes then restarts the seconds and adds another 1 to the minutes which equals 2.
Now for the minutes, well we have to finish up the seconds coding first. make a "Fork Condition"
and set the conditions for "Variable" "Timer - Seconds" "Set" "60" and "same" with NO else case!
that will, like I said earlier, make the seconds reach 60 and restart the seconds and add 1 to
the minutes. after the "Fork Conditions" double left click on the empty space and on tab #1
choose "Change Variable" and "One" and the variable is "Timer - Seconds" and "Set" it to "Set"
"0". Now double left click on an empty space below that line of coding and on tab #1 choose
"Change Variable" click on "One" and choose a blank variable and name it "Timer - Minutes" and
"Set" it for "+" "1" in the "Operand". That is that for the seconds because minutes started in
that last switch. For the event to determine when the minutes turn into hours we need to make
a "Fork Conditions" command found by double left clicking under the last line of coding and going
to the third panel and choosing "Fork Conditions" choose "Variable" and choose variable
"Timer - Minutes" and "Set" it for "60" and "same" as, NO else case! This checks to see if the
minutes equal 60. Now I will show you what your coding should look like right now! yeah I know
your probably thinking "Its About Time!". Here is what it should look like in RpgMaker 2000:

Note: *** GAME TIME ***
If Switch(0007:Game Time) is ON
Change Var: Var[0004:Timer - Seconds](+)- 1
If Var(0004:Timer - Seconds) 60
Change Var: Var[0004:Timer - Seconds](Set)- 0
Change Var: Var[0005:Timer - Minutes](+)- 1
If Var(0005:Timer - Minutes] 60
Thats your current coding right there! If you dont have that then I suggest you re-read this
tutorial or copy the coding and get it to look exactly like it("EXCEPT FOR THE NUMBERS!") and
the coding above is perfect, not one flaw so it SHOULD look like that, or something extremely
close! For the last part of this tutorial we should make the minutes turn into hours! Your almost
there my friend you have come about 90% of the way and your timer ALMOST works! double left click
below the last line of coding and go to panel #1 and choose "Change Var" and choose "One" and the
variable should be "Timer - Minutes" and "Set" it to "Set" and in the "Operand" "Set" it to "0".
For the final and last piece of coding we will turn our timer from minutes to hours! Double left
click below the last line of coding and choose "Change Variable" found in the #1 panel. Now lets
choose "One" and the variable should be a blank one, but name it "Timer - Hours". "Set" it for "+"
and in the "Operand" "Set" it for "1". THATS IT!!!!! YOUR TIMER IS COMPLETED! HOPEFULLY IT WORKS!
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