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Tutorial - 'A Masked Battle System' by trunks the hero

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How to create a masked battle system! Whahay: "a Masked Battle System is the default battle with your peeps on the side in the backdrop"


Im you host for this tut that teaches you how to make a Masked Battle System There are more and cooler ways to do this that I havent figured out. But that will be on another tut! :)

1)( a Masked Battle System is the defualt battle with your peeps on the side in the backdrop...
do I have to say much more?

2)(all you need to basicaly do is ead thistut and cut and paste... okay so maby you might need a tiny tiny tiny amount of artistic skills.

3)Lets get started(
First get Idraw Character maker 3(you can get it at Dons Help Site in the utilitlies section of it. (or somthing else that can do that) Open I draw then go to File Open and go to your rtp. Then to the folder called chrarsets, go to the files you want to have your group on. Then copy them and save them in seprate or the same file(s) to 2 new folders the first one called Custom Rtp, and the next one called Charasets (in your custom rtp!!!)Then copy paste your hero in the backdrop on whatever side you want (preferably on > that side less hassle) then go to save as. Save AS not save, Save AS. then click backa folder to get out of rtp and crap until your at the Rpg2000 folder, then go to that new folder called Custom Rtp. Open it and make a new folder called back drop. open it and save your new back drop. Your done! Enjoy.