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Tutorial - 'A chest without switches' by Mateui

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How to create a simple treasure chest without taking up valuable switches!


This is a fairly easy tutorial explaining on how to make chests without switches in just 7 simple steps! This saves you time and lets you use your switches on more important things.

We are going to make a chest that opens when the Hero pushes on it, giving him an item, then making sure the chest doesn’t give out anymore items.

1. Open Rm2k
2. Go to the map where you want to make your chest and make an event with the following:

Name: Treasure Chest

Event Conditions: -None-

Graphic: Either Chest from Object1 in the RTP Graphics.

Movement Type: Stay Still

Event Start Condition: Push Key

Position: Same Level as Hero

Animation Type: Fixed Graphic (NOTE: This is very important!)

Movement Speed: 3: x2 Slower

3. Go to the Event Commands and make a Fork Condition.

-When you are in the Fork Condition’s Dialogue Box, go to the second page and put the dot beside ‘Event’.
-Click on the drop-down menu beside ‘Event’ and select: ‘This Event.’
-Beside ‘Face Dir’ click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Down.’
-Make sure you un-select, ‘Add ELSE Case.’
-Click ok.

4. Go under the Fork Condition and double-click.

-Select ‘Play Sound Effect’ (Located on the third page)
-Select any sound effect you want. (I selected ‘Evasion1’)
-Click ok.

5. Double-click under your Sound-Effect.

-Select ‘Move Event’ (Located on the second page)
-For ‘Object Character’ select ‘This Event.’
-Now click ‘Face Left.’
-Click ok.

6. Double-click under your Move Event.

-Select ‘Add Item’ (Located on the first page)
-Put a dot in ‘Add Item’ under ‘Set.’
-Under ‘Add/Drop Item’ select an item of your choice. (I’m using a potion)
-Under ‘Operand’ set it to 1.
-Click ok.

7. Double-Click under your Add Item.

-Select ‘Show Message.’ (Located on the first page)
-Type in your message (Mine is: “Received Potion!”)

And that’s it! I’ll just put how the Events Commands should look like incase some of you are confused.

FORK Optn: This Event – Dw Face Direct
Play SE: Evasion1
Move Event…: this Event , FaceLeft
Add/Remove Item:Potion->1 Incr.
Messg: Received Potion!

:END Case

Hopefully this will help your game save up space by not using switches. Good luck on your game!