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Tutorial - 'Making Better RPGs with Rm2k' by blakehoya

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A tutorial that sounds very much like the title!


This is my first RM2K tutorial, so please bear with me if you find some things confusing or hard to understand because I, for one, am not great at explaining things.

Okay, Ive played many RM2K RPGs from many people and for 90 percent of the games, I found something very lacking: motivation. Talking about motivation, the first thing I look for in a game made from other people is the intro. The intro really does affect the game. If the intro is interesting, it motivates me to play. Well, now maybe you are thinking "What if theres no intro?". My answer is that a game that does not a have an intro is not bad; it just doesnt give me as much motivation. But sometimes, a game without an intro maybe better than some others with one. And obviously, the most motivation of an RPG comes from the story (Ill explain more deeply about that later).

Now, about intros...although I am not that great at them, I still can give you some tips about making some good ones. Depending on your story, you should always try to make the intro mysterious. Try not using a black background throughout the whole intro (Using black background trhoughout the whole intro may sometimes fit depending on what you are talking about). If you are trying to make the intro mysterious, try using odd, weird backgrounds. Dont use a background of for example, a forest; it ruins point of the mysteriousness. And one last important thing, do not roll 5 paragraphs of words into the screen telling about the story as an intro, it is really annoying and gives an unprofessional look! I would rather see the animations instead.

Yes, the story of an RPG is the one of the MOST important part of the RPG. Even if you have a Custom Menu System, Custom Battle System, and very good graphics; but the story sucks, then it would not make the player play it more than 10 minutes. This is exactly what happened to Final Fantasy VIII! When writing the plot for your story, write when you are awake, otherwise when you read back to what you did when you ARE awake, you might feel that something does not make sense and you would have to do it over again. Another tip for writing the plot is that you should write the whole thing first before making the game because if you write the plot as you go along the game, you may encounter some mistakes and would have to redo some things and the flow of the story may not be so good. Also, try giving as much explanation about as much things in the game as possible. For example, in Final Fantasy X, they explained the reason why there are Aeons (Summoned Monsters). And one of the most important point is that you SHOULD NOT make stories like a Hero saves the princess and they live happily ever after, the end. That is very old. Even the classic of the classic RPG dont use that stupid plot anymore. But that does not mean that you shoudl make stories that has lots and lots of twists in them cause they get confusing and stupid after a while. Another point is that you should make the games story advance too fast and very, very slow during the rest of the game because that does not give too much motivation. What I am saying this for example, in Final Fantasy VII, if Cloud knew everything about Zack, SOLDIER, Jenova, and everything in the begining 2 hours of the game and the rest of the 30 to 40 hours was just chasing Sepheroth around, then the gameplay would suck and boring and the story wouldnt be as good as if the story advanced evenly or at the right time.

As you all know, not just the story makes an RPG good, but also the gameplay. Without good gameplay, the motivation also dissappears after a while for an RPG. Well, first off, you DO need quests and side quests. But sometimes, if you make too much quests for an RPG, the player may stop playing due to the difficulty. That does mean that you should make the quests super easy. Make some a little hard and some a bit easy. And one of the most common quests in an RPG are side quests. As you may or may not know (Depending how much RPGs youve played), side quests are non-story quests where the play can choose or not choose to do. Usually, sides quests are for the player to go through a hard quest to get an item or something similar to that. Because RM2K games are not made by some professional company like Konami, Squaresoft, Sega, etc. you shouldnt make the game too hard with quests because as we all know, the games we make with RM2K are for leisure, not for profit, so many of the games are not professional. Because of this, we should make the games easier than REAL games that REAL companies made. Also, if you are going to make a Custom Battle System and a Custom Menu System or anything that is custom in your game, be sure that it is unique and is better than the default becuase in some games, their CMS or CBS are even worse than the default; all they did was just switching around some icons and words and changed a bit of the interface. And in some Custom Menu System, you cant even exit the game you are playing.

Okay, thanks for reading my tutorial and by the way...please visit my site at