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Tutorial - 'Character Select System' by Jag

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A real basic system on putting a "character creation" system in your RM2k game!


This is my first tutorial, so bare with me...

This tutorial is to explain how to allow people to select which character they would like to play through your game with.

First off, you need to create a blank hero character, it must hero #1, and name it your game title, ore something.

Then, at the end of your intro, make an event (Auto Start).
You will probably want to put a "Show Message" command in it, saying something like:

Select your character.

You will then need to put in a "Show Choice" with the names of your characters as the choices.
For each choice you need to do the following:

Change hero name to whatever the choice is for.
Change HP, MP, and LVL, to whatever you want.
Change FaceSet.
Change Hero Walk GFX
Turn ON a switch, named the same as the character.

That is about it!
Now, when you have places in your game where your character is talking, simply use the "Display Hero Name" command ( N[1] ).

Obviously this is just the bare bones of what you can do with this, but Ill leave the cool stuff up to your imaginations.