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Tutorial - 'Item Sorting' by TheMOLE

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How to sort items in your RM2k game!


How to Make an Item Sorting System

Okay... This is my first tutorial so I’ll make some debatable claims... please use this page as a debate room...

Fist of all, I’ll bet your asking... How? Well here’s a pretty crude way:
You’ll have to delete all the existing items (sorry:( ) and after that you will have to pick a round number on about how many items you will have in each category; we’ll use 100, Mmmmmmmkay?

Every 100 (er whatever) slots make 2 items. Lets say you want to have a healing category 1st. On number one make one called “Healing--------“. Make it a common item. Now comes the tricky part:

You can have one item called “----------“ after it but it will not always be beside it for instance if you have 23 items before it, it will look like:
Potion : 1 Big Potion : 1
Formula : 1 KEY ITEMS------: 1
--------------: 1 Blah : 1

Where it could look like this:
Potion : 1 Big Potion : 1
KEY ITEMS-----: 1 ---------------: 1

Or you could leave that one off:
Potion : 1 Big Potion : 1
KEY ITEMS---->: 1 Blah : 1

Or You could Use Three:

Potion : 1 ---------------: 1
KEY ITEMS-----: 1 ---------------: 1


Potion : 1 Big Potion : 1
--------------: 1 KEY ITEMS------: 1
--------------: 1 Big Potion : 1

And make one of those every hundred or so and you got your items organized!