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Tutorial - 'Making Custom Symbols' by polski

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Ever used those little text symbols in RPGMaker 2000 like the shield or the sword? Well now you can learn to create your own!


Ever used those funky symbols in your RPGMaker 2000 text messages? Ever wanted to make your own symbols? Then now's your chance! This tutorial will show you how to create your own little text symbols to use in your RPGMaker 2000 games. If you have never read the tutorial on displaying these text symbols please do so by clicking here. If you've read that already then let's move on.

Resources Needed
• Image Editor // MS Paint Brush works fine for this, since you won't be doing any high tech images
• Resource Workshop // You can download this here
• RPG_RT.exe file // This is the actual file you run rm2k games with, you normally should have this.

Step 1 - Creating the Image
You're going to need to create an image containing all the symbols. The image is 156 by 48 pixels big, has to be in 256 color mode and has to be a bitmap (.BMP) file. Below is an example of the image needed, I suggest using it and just editing the icons the way you like them later on.

Right Click and Select ""Save as..."" to save this image.

Edit the icons the way you like and once you're done move on to step 2.

Step 2 - Importing the image into the EXE
WARNING! Before beginning this please backup your entire game somewhere, a mistake during this process can cause your game to not work anymore!

Now is the hard and risky part. Open up Resource Workshop. Go to File -> Open in the Menu. Now a very ugly and non-user friendly open dialog comes up. First select the ""File Type"" to be ""EXE application"" Then use the folders below the ""Directory"" text to find your RPG_RT.EXE file in your games folder. The dots (""..."") allow you to move up a directory. Once you've found the RPG_RT.EXE a window with a list of names should pop up, looking something like this:

Scroll down in that window until you find the word ""EXFONT"". Highlight it and press the Delete Key. Now is the time for no mistake, Go back to the File Menu and click on ""Add to Project.."". Find your bitmap with the icons and click Ok. If all goes well the file window should now display a new item titled ""BITMAP_1"". As you may see now this BITMAP_1 file contains your symbols.bmp image. All you have to do now is right click on the name, select ""Rename"" and Rename it to ""EXFONT"". That's it, you're now done! Just click Save Project, Close Resource Workshop and try out your new symbols! The table for these symbols is below.

Step 3 - Using new symbols
You kind of know this if you read the tutorial on displaying symbols but here's a table.

bgcolor=<%=csecond%> cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2>


The first Variable in the table (Row 1, Column 1) Corresponds with the first symbol on the bitmap. so $A would display that square with a dot in the middle if you're using the symbols bitmap I did.

Now you can just run RPGMaker 2000 and start using your new cool symbols, if you think we should have a section dedicated for custom symbol downloads post below using the comment system with your opinion.

Image Restrictions
Here are a list of restrictions to watch out for when making your custom symbol bitmap images.

- It must be in 256 color
- It must be a bitmap file
- The background must be black, and the symbols white
- You cannot change the size of the symbol bitmap, it won't work!