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Tutorial - 'IDraw3 Transparencies For RM2K' by silvaduro

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Hello. In this tutorial, I am to explain how to do transparencies for face-sets, chipsets, charasets and really anything else!


Hello. In this tutorial, I am to explain how to do transparencies for face-sets, chipsets, charasets and really anything else. First of All, you need Idraw3 (as thats the program Ill be explaining it in). Get it from Don’s Site - or the direct link
Open an Image that you want some of it transparent.
Can be a Bitmap or a PNG (PNGs are better because they are smaller in size)

.:: Starters ::.
You should see a pallete in the opening window. Lots of pretty colours. Go up to the top of the pallete, and on the top left corner should be a colour, normally black. At the bottom of the pallette are the three RGB sliders. Slide the middle one right as far as you can. The top-left colour should have changed to bright green (although, if your picture has bright green or even large amounts of any green choose red or blue – for the purpose of this activity we’ll use green). Now, don’t be alarmed if you zoom out and find lots of green dots. It just means they were using the transparent colour. If there are no green dots, then you’ve got a transparent colour. Scroll down to Transparencies. First we’ll help the green dotters.

.:: For all you Green Dotters ::.
Zoom out as far as you can go. Click the Dropper in the Toolbox. Click on a green spot with that.
All Greens are now all selected. Are you still zoomed out? Good. Now click on the Black Square in the Toolbox. Yay. Then, click on the colour closest (in appearance) to the Colour you replaced by green. Let’s say it was black, and right next to it there was another black. Select that as your first colour and place your cursor up the very top left of the picture. Drag a square across all the green stuff, and it will all go your colour. This means there is no accidental Transparencies. Now select the Square dotted line tool and click anywhere. Now you should have a picture with absolutely no bright green anywhere.

.:: Transparencies ::.
Yeah, well... Here’s the annoying stuff... Select your transparent colour (green) as both your left and right colours. I’d zoom in now, and got to Select Range and Select None. Now, select a drawing tool (Pencil, Line etc.) and fill in all the areas you want a transparency on. Do that for the whole image, and then upload it into RM2K. Run Test Play and you should see your new faceset, charaset, chipset, monster, system or picture with transparencies.

Hope that helped… Probably Didnt. Anyway, my first tutorial.