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Tutorial - 'Making your first hero' by The Blue Kirby

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Here begginers can learn the basics of building a hero for his/her game


To start working open a new game and name it name it.

Now you are ready to make a hero.
Press F8 or the data base button.
You will see many tabs.
You should be on the Hero tab.
Once you are there look for the white text box that is labled name.
Insert the name of your hero.
Lets use Hero 1 for now.
After naming go to the box derectly below the name box called Degree.
Here you can insert degrees such as wizard, warrior, theif, ect.
for now lets use Warrior.
Now to the right of that bax is a charecter walking.
Click on the set button near the charecter to choose your heros look.
Now in the two boxes below the hero look are initial level and max level. The initial level is the level this hero will start in.
The max level is the highest level he can grow to.
Set these two boxes and then move on to the critical hit box.
This box dosnt need to be on unless you want your hero to be able to have a critical hit in battle.
The higher the percent the better chance of a critical hit.
Now its time to move to Select Face Graphic.
Click the Set button near the picture and choose the face that best fits your hero.
Now move down to Options.
These are optional:

The following is out of the help section-(

Two Sword Style- Both hands can be equipped with arms. The hero becomes stronger in the attack power instead of not being able to equip it with the shield.

Equipment fixation- The equipment goods cannot be detached. When the hero is replaced by default the equipment of that hero becomes the equipment of the companion while the story progresses, placing a check in here forces that to not happen.

Control by AI- AI means artificial intelligence. The player cannot execute the command while combating, and the hero is controlled by the computer.

Strong defense- The effect of [ the defense ] command under the combat becomes doubled, and the received damage decreases. )

Now move on to Max HP.
Here you set the amount of hp Hero 1 starts out with and earns (or loses) each level Hero 1 gains.
The easyest way to do this is to select creat curve and set the hp he starts out with and the h he gets at his max level. Insert the numbers of hp and select Creat Curve.You can also make the max hp come earlier of later.
(you can also set the hp for each level individualy)
Do the same for all the other starts (MP, ATTACK, SPEED, DEFENCE)
Now choose the initial weapons.
These weapons are the weapons he starts out with.
Now you should choose the un armed battle animation. This is used to set the animation this hero will play when he uses attack.
Next in the white box labeled skills duble click.
Here you can select the skills Hero 1 can learn and the level it will learn them at.