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Tutorial - 'Masked Battle System' by Guest

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How to make a "Masked Battle System"!


Okay! Lets start off with what a mbs is...
Its a maked battle system.
What is that you ask? A lot of people know. (I think) but if you dont its the dbs (Defualt battle system) with a fake sbs (side view battle system) and rquires no coding at all! What you need

-Rpg Maker 2000
-Idraw Chara maker 3.somthing (or any other programs like it.)
-a backdrop(battle back ground)
-a few characters
NOTE: IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 4 charas this will be pretty long.
NOTE: When you paste your charas on the back drop they may change colors.


-open Idraw or whatever program you use.
-open up the image file with one of your heros that you want on the mbs and copy the on facing the way you want them to face.
-open the back drop you want to have your charas on and paste them on it ([ctrl]+V is the hot key for paste). Now save or save as what ever you want to call it and save it to a folder. and import it to your game.
Extra: rpgmaker2000
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