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Tutorial - 'Easy Day and Night tutorial' by TEH SPOON

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A very easy tutorial on making a time cycle/day and night for your game! Whahay!


Go to Database and then Common Events then name it to Day/Night and a switch on and name it Day/Night and put it on Parallel Process.Later on if you want it on you can turn the day/night on!
Set Screen tone(R100,G100,B100,S100),60.0 sec(W)
Change BG: Morning 1
Set Screen tone(R080,G080,B080,S080),5.0 sec(W)
Change BG: Evening 1
Set Screen tone(R020,G020,B070,S020),5.0 sec(W)
Change BG: Night 1
Set Screen Tone:(R110,G060,B060,S060),60.0 sec(W)
Change BG: Dawn 1

End Cycle

and that is all to it it is that simple. also for better day/night improvements you shouldnt have any paralax background to make it look better if some of your stages have a default Paralax bakground they would show up unrealisticly.
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