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Tutorial - 'Make a better RPG' by Mog_89

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Improve your game with these tips



First of all, creating a game is not something that happens drastic. It is something you need to think through over and over again, does this make sense? For example, you want your characters to go to some place, lets say, a mountain. It doesnt make sense if thats something someones suggests ("Hey lets go to Mount. ?")... It must have a reason. If it doesnt have a reason, it cannot be a good story. So please, I beg you, Ive seen it in so many games... Think it rhough before you do.

--Before you Start--

Sit down, when youre awake and not tired. Take a piece of paper and a sharp pencil, write the whole plot, story and everything down. You may even start draw maps, etc. For example, you can draw a map of a town with events and all... Just put an X for an event, O for a teleport etc.
Its really good if you have the whole plot done before you start making the game, because later on you might get stuck in something you want to change which may not have happened if you hadnt written it down. For example, Tina is a white magician. At several points they may use her abilities for help, but, sometimes, youve thought of something and it doesnt make sense. Your party comes to a mountain surrounded by ice stones, they cant get out. So maybe Tinas BLACK? magic can help them out... See? You got to have it all planned out... Or else something ike this will occur and you will have to redo the whole thing.

--Intro Sequences--

A lot of games made in Rpg Maker havent got any intros. You just start there.. As a guy in a place... Does that give the player any idea of the whole thing? Does this give the player any excitement in playing the game...? No, the player will think ("What newbie has made this game, really?") shut the game down and erase it... Probably. Maybe he missed a great game... If he had spent more time with it, maybe he had loved the game... Intro Sequences... Sure, they give a lot of influences on what the game is about, how its done and so on... But, it isnt the whole thing. I suggest you have a intro, not to explaining though, you will have problems later if so... Really, it doesnt matter that much.


The story is the most important thing in a game. Even if the game has awesome graphics, wonderful sound and fascinating gameplay, it will be a flop if teh story isnt straight... The thing in Final Fantasy VI, in the World of Ruin you get to explore for yourself, sure, that was a good idea. It didnt work that good, though. If a story isnt linear it cant be effective and easy...
Dont misunderstand me. Square did a wonderful job shaping this opportunity into a really good plot. What Im trying to say is... Dont waste your time in doing it because it isnt worth it. Have a linear story which follows certain points.


This is the fun part about the game. If you have your story and plot ready its jst to start fiddle. If you want a Custom Battle System in your game, start testing with variables and fork conditions... Do not sit and read long tutorials to understand it, its easier to find out for yourself. Create a map and set up the charcater and enemy... Create an event and set it autostart... Just test. Itll get cool, I promise you. However, its not just CBS and CMS which is the whole gameplay thing, actually... Its a lot more. Side-Quests is one of the most important things in a good rpg. Make some sidequests (go to a cave for a stone with magical powers, fish in the sea for a golden hairpin etc) whatever you would like... Something that makes the player want to explore more and see more... Nothing hits the feeling than having a good rpg with so much to explore that it never ends until youve defeated the last boss.


Heres the part where most of the game creators fumble massively with. If you have a party with one girl and a boy, coming to a new town, sleeping at the inn and visit shops. It is much mroe fun to come to a new place when the two people together walks the town around to talk and explore together than you steering them to places round... Maybe you want something special to happen when you sleep at the inn (one of them wakes up in teh middle of the night while the other one isnt in their bed... Goes out and finds the other one standing by the lake, crying... etc) or when they first visit the town (this is my town of birth "pan screen up so you get the look of the town", I want to visit my old house. They go to the hosue and... Etc.) You see?



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--Thats all--

I guess thats about all you want to know. If you have everything here i suggest you call Square for an extra hand, they might have a use of it in the years to come. I certainly hope they will find back to their old roots as soon as possible...

--Thanks to--

Thanks to all who have helped me to gain experience with Rpg Maker, you know who you are...
Thanks to DOn Miguel for translating the programme...
Thanks to all who spent time reading this tutorial...

// Mog "There is only one Mog, and thats me!"


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