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Tutorial - 'Adding Pictures' by Hyper.Sonic

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A new and supposedly "best" way to add pictures... meh, just read, its cool!


I found the best way to place pictures!
Now you guys wont have to mess with them so much!
Here is the explanation:
Ok, we know that 1 tile of a chipset is 16x16 pixels, and the coordinates of a picture is shown in pixels.
So, thats it!!!!!

Just multiply the x coordinate of the picture by the x coordinate of the tile you want it to be placed, the same goes for the y coordinate.
Remember to add 1 to the tile coordinate because the tile coordinates begin from 0 not form 1!
And also remember that its still hard to place pictures in large maps, because the picture is placed depending on where the screen (or charset) is....
Example: I want a picture in the tile 6,9:
x coordinate: (6+1) x 16 = 112
y coordinate: (9+1) x 16 = 160
The right coordinates should be 112 x 160, easy uh?
This simple matematic technique should save you a LOT of problems!

Hope this helped everyone! Seeya in the next...