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Tutorial - 'A Journey into Game Development (Part 2)' by Jag

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"It seems some RM2k die-hards are coming up with weird excuses for why RM2k is better then C++ (LOL!!!)." An article on C++ and GAME DEVELOPMENT! Whahay!


All right, the last article was a big success in my opinion. :}
I hope this will be at least half as good, but we'll find out, won't we?

It seems some RM2k die-hards are coming up with weird excuses for why RM2k is better then C++ (LOL!!!).
Let's take a quick look at one of these:

"RM2k allows you to work on your game more, instead of spend all the time coding!"
First off, this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
C/C++ allows to create even better stories! How you ask?
Have you ever thought of a really cool story, opened up RM2k, and realized it's to limited to make your dream a reality?
I'm sure some of you have, but C++ has almost no limitations at all!
You can create everything from the next Half-Life, to Pac-Man.
Granted it will take some time to learn, but so does RM2k, right?

Before we go any father, I would like to say that RM2k will NEVER help you, in ANY way WHAT-SO-EVER!
Just had to get that out. ;}

All right, so back to the code.
I hope that at least one of you tinkered around with C++ after reading my last article, and whoever did is on the right track.
I stayed up a few nights working on making a little man appear on the screen, and move around when I push the arrow keys.
Which is what I think any one who wants to do any C++ programming should work on, in fact I think I'll make it "quiz" of sorts.
I want every one with a copy of C++ to try make some image move around on the screen when you push the arrow keys. :}
When you complete it, post it up somewhere in the "General Programming" forum, but please, one topic only.

Let's take a look at "Your First Game".
As I stated in the last article, my first game was sort of lame, but I was proud of it.
I also stated that you need to set reachable goals, which is something I want to talk about.

You most likely want to start making RPGs as soon as you can, but it will take some time.
You should start off with some simple text based games, then add a picture or two to it, etc, etc...
The biggest thing I see in this community is "I want it now!!".
You can't have it now, you have work before you play.
What I'm trying to say is, don't give up if you can't get it to work the first time, keep trying, keeping reading tutorials, and sooner or later you'll get it.
Have you ever seen a "real" game be developed in less then 1-2 years?
Probably not, and if you have, it most likely sucks.
This is because coding is time consuming, and tedious.
Don't think that just because your not making a console game it won't take as long. ;}

One more thing I would like to cover before I leave you to your own devices is that you need to work by yourself.
I don't mean, lock yourself in a closet and don't come until it's done (all though that helps).
I mean don't spend a bunch of time on the forums, spend it thinking, coding working with your team.
If you go to the forums, post up your "First keyboard controlled picture" and ask for comments, they will bash you, laugh at you, and break you.
But if you keep it to yourself, and are proud of your own creations, you will be more motivated to keep going, then when you post up your
super cool FPS, they will make you their idol.

So the lessons we have learned today are:

Try, try again.
RM2k sucks.
Be self motivated.

If you understand all of the above lessons, then your on your way to a better tomorrow. :}

Until next time, see ya' later.
Extra: C/C++