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Tutorial - 'Rm2k Basics for Beginners' by Hyper.Sonic

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Do you know how to use all the commands of events? No? Well, read this! I'll explain some useful commands:


Memorize Place: This is very useful for custom battle systems and menu systems or even things like flashbacks. With this option you can save your current position in 3 variables, the map ID and the X and Y coordinates. After you saved the place in the variables, to go to that place you just have to click on "Goto Memorized Place" and select the variables.

Swap 2 Events: This command is easy and it's very useful. This basically just exchanges the place of two events. Ex/ If you have event 1 in coordinates (5,3) and event 2 in (0,4), swap event 1 and event 2 and event 1's coordinates will be (0,4) and event 2's coordinates will be (5,3). (very simple uh?)

Set Event Place: This just changes an event from position, you can change the position of an event to any other tile in the map with this option.

Set Screen Tone: This changes the color of the screen, you can make the screen to turn black, white, or any other color to make cool things. Try reducing green and blue colors to produce a cool sunset effect.

Cycle: The commands inside a cycle repeat continously. You can use fork conditions to stop the cycle with the "Break Cycle" command.

Label: you can label a part of an event so that it repeats when you use the "Goto Label" command. This can be very useful if used correctly.

Call Event: This commands is as useful as the hell (is hell useful?). This activates an specific event in the map or a common event. Try it, you will like it. :)

Input Number: This chooses a random number with the number of digits that you specified and stores it into a variable. You can combine this with fork conditions to make random things happen.

All these commands are very useful, get familiar with them cuz you are gonna need them.