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Tutorial - 'Making a CMS' by Chocojoe

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How to Make a Custom Menu System (cms), written by an 11 year old. How agist and patronising am I? Whahay!


First make your make your menu with I draw then make a cursor with I draw or what ever drawing program you have. Then make a variable and call it cursor position (cp) and then make a variable for you enter password event lets call it cursor button (cb).

Make an event and set it on auto start and set your pictures where you want them to go.
and make a variable that places the pictures lets call it Picture X and Picture Y (px and py)
and set cp to 1 then make a picture event for your menu and set it where you want to place it. Then do that for the cursor and set the placing thing to variable and put in the 2 px and py variables into the 2 slots. Then make a switch lets call it setup then make it turn on and make another page. Make a switch in the event conditions and make it setup. Your code should look like:

Variable Ch:[????:cp] Set-1
Variable Ch:[????:px] Set-? - The X position of the picture
Variable Ch:[????:py] Set-? - The Y position of the picture
Show Picture: 1 menu [?,?]
Show Picture; 2 cursor [vPX,vPY]
Change Switch: [????:Setup] - on

3.Events and coding
make an event that also has the setup switch in event conditions. Copy this code here and you should be just about fine.

Enter Password:[????:cb] - have all of the boxes checked
FORK Optn[varb:????:cb]-1
Variable Ch:[????:px]+? - ? stands for how far you want to move it down
Move Picture; 2 [vPX,vPY]
Variable Ch [????:cp] + 1

end case
FORK Optn[varb:????:cb]-4
Variable Ch:[????:px]-? -? stands for how far you want to move it up
Move Picture; 2 [vPX,vPY]
Variable Ch [????:cp] - 1

end case

FORK Optn [varb:????:cp]-1
FORK Optn [varb:????:cb]-5
mssge:You pressed selection 1! ----You should put other stuff in there that is only an example

end case

end case

And so on with the 2-5 selections any ways its that easy and I figured it out all by myself ME!! AN 11 year old! So if you use my code please put me in the credits.