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Tutorial - 'AVI files in Rm2k' by Angroth

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Do you want FMV in your Rpg Maker 2000 games? Can AVI do it? Yes! Is it easy to do? Well, find out


I haved played many games and good introductions and endings have been produced (sometimes :P). Whether it is done by some cool pictures, default Rm2k gaming, cool story (via pictures or default text) or whatever, some great stuff can be done.
However I have noticed that it no cut-scenes are ever produced (if they had they would be in avi or pictures otherwise they are classed as normal game play).
I believe cut-scenes add (if done correctly) decent and relivant additions to any game (it also makes it look more professional and looks darn cool!).

Pro’s and Con’s of Avi
Using pictures for cut scenes may look great but can take forever to do. Finding the correct coordinates and locations for everything to go and the correct sizes and colours, etc can be a nightmare! Thus meaning using avi is easier. You simply use the avi maker to insert picture after picture (hopefully in the correct order) to make a cut-scene.
But here lies the flaw, it may be all merry and happy until you try and playback what you have created. Personally, I had difficulties with the avi maker. It would show the first clip for a few seconds and then quickly show all the others at an unviewable rate.
Now, if you can bypass this problem, then everything will be hunky dory.

So whats the point!?
I have yet to see an avi being used. Some of you probably don’t even realise its possible to use them (no offence intended you morons! :P)
Nevertheless I feel they are an overlooked and underated skill for Rm2kers.
Only until fairly recently have new things become realised and understanded in Rm2k, if this can be utilised I believe it will add to those things.
I don’t however feel that avi files are an ultimate step forward, merely a nicer way to go.
Seriously, I would just love to see an avi clip other than that stupid default Rm2k one (DIE!!).