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Tutorial - 'How to open chests without switches' by stupid systemus

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There is usually a few different ways to carry out a task in RM2K. Opening chests are no exception. Stupid Systemus takes us through how to open a chest without switches in this tutorial!


How to open chests w/o switches

First of all, this is my first tutorial in GW. In fact, my first tutorial ever. What Im going to do is explain how to open chests in the game without using switches.

Again, first of all, how many of you guys use chests for items? Im guessing all of you. second, how many of you guys only use chest for special items that you wont get anywhere else in the game or items that you know you can never get in the first parts of your game? I'm guessing not all of you.

You see, in most RPGs, you only get rare or special items in chests or regular items that you usually dont get in these parts of your game.
For example, cant get a mega potion very early in the game. as you move on, you can maybe buy them in this place only.
Another example would be in the beginning of your game, you normally dont have any common items such as antidotes, mid lever curatives, and other useful regular items. This is where the coding of opening chests comes in to play.

First, make an event, call it whatever you want. Then create two pages: first page contains graphic of the chest (closed) and the coding, which i will explain later, and the second page contains the graphic of the chest (open) and the item or items you want to get "checked" under event conditions.

To make this look simple here's an example:

Im some place in the game. I dont have an item we can call "dirty magazine." I need that item so I can talk this guy into piloting my ship. We will only do it if I can give him a dirty magazine. I have to look for the item. I go inside this room, and viola! the chest is in there, with signs saying "dirty mag in here!" j/k *_*.

I go to the chest and open it. It says "Received Dirty Magazine."
Now the chest is open and whenever you try to get the item, you wont be able to get it.

This can only work if you absolutely dont have the item in your inventory. Heres the coding I used in some parts of my game:
(note: this is a pseudo code; not an actual code for RM2K)
start of coding
Event: dirty mag
First Page:

Graphic:chest (closed; usually facing down)

Movement Type: Stay Still

Event Start Condition: Push Key

Position: same level as hero

Animation: fixed (should be fixed)

Movement speed: doesnt matter

Event Commands: (alright, this is the tough part)

set message options: (anyway you want)

play sound: (anything you want; optional)

move event: (move this event, chest event, so that its graphic will turn into an open chest)

message: "received Dirty mag (again, anything you want to get)

Add item: increase item to 1 (increase one to the item you want to get in your inventory; can be any number, should work as long as you dont already have the item in your inventory)

Second Page:

Event Conditions:
Item: (name of item) (should be checked)

Select Graphic: Chest (open)

Movement Type: Stay Still

Event Start Condition: Push Key

Position: same level as hero

Animation: fixed (should be fixed)

Movement speed: doesnt matter

End of coding
This is by far easiest way i can find to make chests without switches. This will only work if you dont have the item in your inventory. This code can also work not just for chest. You can have a person give an item to you and never get it again. After all, why would you want to give freebies to the player, you might as well give him everything at the start of the game.

*(Hey, maybe I should do that to my game; and then take it all away when the player tries to open a locked chest with a key he got after playing a mini side quest. HEHE @_@