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Tutorial - 'Some personal tips from Hyper.Sonic' by Hyper.Sonic

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Not exactly a tutorial, but a few personal tips for making your RM2K game better from Hyper.Sonic! Worth a read, you never know how valuable it may be.


Some personal tips here:

Improving graphics: Use PICTURES together with panoramas to make your game look better, also download some cool chipsets!

Don't use different kind of graphics, it won't look very good if you mix chipsets of the RTP, rudora, seikend d. 3 and FF6... (or pacman) lol!

The same goes for chars, dont mix shit chars with great looking ones!
Don't mix panoramas or pictures with chipsets that doesn't look good with them! I hate that!

Make graphics adecuated for the verbal descriptions of the place, ex: don't use rtp graphics in the year 3000!!!
Make a separate map (like a programation map) to test things like CBS and CMS.

BE VERY ORGANIZED WITH YOUR VARIABLES, you can save a lot of trouble if you work always organized!

Be careful desining your characters, they are the main thing out there! Take some free time to WRITE about you story and about your chars (like a profile of the chars).

Don't just rip off chars, at least edit them! I hate that!

If you don't like something just DELETE that and make your best effort to make something great, even if you can't, try to make it. Also common sense is EVERYTHING when using RM2k.

The "call action" command can save you from using lots of variables and switches, and some work too!
Don't leave things that looks bad like that!
ex: like some waterfalls that are out of coordination with the water, whats the problem with waterfalls? I'm tired of seeing poor looking waterfalls!

You know about sounds and music! Don't use them where they don't fit well!
If you are new to some program just use the help file first!

Unlike some rip-offs of FF7 and Suikoden out there! I hate that!
Battle animations are very GOOD, don't use them only in battles! You can make some cool and useful things with them!

OMG so much tips to give!!!
I'm tired so that's all for this crappy tutorial...
I'm going to do a better one next update...
See ya!