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Tutorial - 'Target Shooting Minigam' by joe0011

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How to create a target shooting minigame in rm2k!


Alright this is my first tut ever but here I will explain the fundermentals of making a
target shooting minigame. You know, it's the kind where ducks and rabbits runs along a line
and you have to shoot it. Anyways it involves some coding so if you're a newbie read
some newbie tutorial first. Remember that this is not a super-concise tutorial and although
it contains quite a bit of coding, putting it all together will be your job.

Step one: Set up your game tent.

Be sure to have a small room, so the targets appear and disappeare at the EDGE of
the room, you don't want to have the hero looking at targets coming out of the air.

Major variables/switches:

Variables : heroX/heroY and score
Switches: startGAME, stopALLtargets, AND A "THIStargetHIT" FOR EACH TARGET!
The targets and a parallel process event for EACH one. Dummy hero. Master event controlling
startGAME and other on/off switches.

Step two: Making the gun crosshair.

This is actually VERY easy. Have the hero walk to the counter or whatever and be asked
if he wants to play. If yes have this little snipet of code in your counter event or
whatever, also remember to create an event for the "dummy" hero:

Move Event: Hero-(Move to face the targets)

Change Var:Var[#:heroX] (Set)-Hero's X Pos.

Change Var:Var[#:heroY] (Set)-Hero's Y Pos.

Teleport Event: DummyHERO-(V[(the number for heroX], V[heroY])

Change DummyHERO Walk Graphic: (the hero's graphic poising with the gun in his hand)

Change Hero Walk Graphic: (A big red crosshair or something)

Teleport Event: Hero-(Teleport the hero to the middle of the targets of something)

Change Switch: Var[#: startGAME] Switch ON

So basically what happens here is that there is still a picture of you standing near

the bottom aiming but you, the hero, actually becomes the crosshair. Also this should

start all the targets moving.

Step two: Making the targets move smoothly.

First of all make your targets as different events. Naming them will make this a whole lot

easier. Anyways have one parallel process event somewhere on the map for each of your

targets. Their code should be as the following:

[Page 1]

Parallel Process

Graphics (none)

Conditions: Switch: startGAME ON

Label 1#

Move Event:(unique target name)-StartSlipThrough-Right-Right-..

//or Left-Left ect until the target reaches the edge of the screen//

Move All

Teleport: (unique target name): (map name) (coodinates or where the target appears)

Goto Label 1#

[Page 2]

Parallel Process

Graphics (none)

Conditions: StopALLtargets ON

Looks easy, right? Well the harder part is coming up.

Have each target's code as the following:

[Page 1]

Pushkey start

Below Hero

Graphics (Whatever.. duck, target, bad guy, etc.)

Direction - Down

Change Switch: Var[#: StopALLtargets] Switch ON

Change Switch: Var[#: (unique number)targetHIT] Switch ON

[Page 2]

Pushkey start

Below Hero

Graphics (Whatever.. duck, target, bad guy, etc.)

Direction - Down

Conditions: Switch: StopALLtargets ON
[Page 3]

Auto start
Below Hero
Graphics (Have the original target either GONE or if you have a "hit" pose it would be nice)
Conditions: Switch: (the HIT switch for this targert) ON

Play SE: (hit sound)
Play SE: (success sound)
Change Var: Var[score] (+)- 1
Message: Gamekeeper:Good shot!
Teleport Event: Hero-(Where you teleported him the first time)
Change Switch: Var[#: StopALLtargets] Switch OFF
Change Switch: Var[#: (unique number)targetHIT] Switch OFF

Now this was for the actual hitting of the target. As the target event pass under
the hero (crosshair), the player must hit a key for the hit to register. As soon as he
hit a target 2 switches goes on. One to stop all other targets from moving and one to
make the hit target look "down".

Remember that this is just the very basics. Also I have tried this and it was very easy
to win so to make it harder perhaps dim the lights a bit, make the screen shake somewhat,
or even have the hero do random movements now and then ! Don't forget to make the targets
go fast! One last thing: always give the hero a way to END the game..

This was my very first tutorial and I hope you enjoyed it, and any comments will be
appreciated at