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Tutorial - 'Character change and CMS' by Bloodhound

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Just like the title says baby!


This is a quick idea I had which hopefully will be pretty helpfull


OK first off we need to be in the common events tab, I hope we all know where this is.

Now we create a new common event called CMS, Make it parallel process.

Now we need an enter password. Call the variable CMS and untick "Direction and Decision" You should still have Cancel(6) and "Wait untill key hit" ticked.

Ok, Now disable Save and Disable Menu. That's pretty easy so far.

Play a sound Effect, Decision or whatever. And lastly if you like click Memorize BGM.

Now set your screen tone, Either completely black or Very Dark, I used "0,20,0,100".

Now play a BGM that would work well for a menu screen,

OK getting into the actual menu now, Make a show choice event. I used Change Character, Save Game, Exit Game and Exit Menu.

Under Exit game make an "Are you sure choice ?"

then under "Yes" set it to go to title screen.

Now under save game, set it to Call save menu, Pretty simple and keep Exit menu blank.

Character Selection -

Now I have 3 Characters but you I suppose you could have 4. I will use my characters names for the example.

I have a message saying "Play as who ?"

Then a show choice saying "Pink Lemonade, Alfred Duck, Big Dog."

Pink Lemonade it just has "Set chara Walk graphic" and I set it to Pink Lemonades walking graphic. Now under Alfred duck I set it to his walk graphic and put a change switch "Play as Alfred" ON.

It's the same with Big Dog just the switch "Play as Big"

So now you can get 3 different reactions depending on which character you play as.

I use this method of character changing so you can get past certain puzzles depending on your character.

Say my smallest character (Alfred) Can't push a rock,

I would use Big Dog instead.

Or say Big Dog is too dumb to talk his way past someone. I use Pink Lemonade instead.


This is a very basic tutorial which I probably didn't write very well, I hope you understood it and I hope it helps you in some way. This is my first tutorial and I hope it helped someone, somewhere.