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Tutorial - 'Baldurs Gate style Journal' by FrozenDarkness

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Create a baldurs gate style Journal (we all loved that feature!) for your game!


Ever wanted to recreate that awesome journal in Baldur's Gate? Well, here's a chance to make something like it! All you need is some knowledge of Forks, switches, variables, and the Input Number function! Let's begin.

You'll need a variable called "journalpages, and a switch called "journal". You'll also need 1 variable and 1 switch for every page you want to make. Make an item and call it Journal. Make it switch, make it used limitless, and make it available on the field. Make the ON switch "journal" Now go into your database and make a common event called Journal. Event start condition should be parallel process, and the appearance conditions switch should be named "journal"

The code should look like this for 10 pages of your journal-

Msg- Read your journal?

Show Choice- Yes/No


Msg- What page?

Input Number (Digits- 2) Var [????: journalpages] ((???? is whatever variable number you make journalpages))

Fork Optn- If Var [????: journalpages]- 1 ((NO ELSE CASE FOR THIS FORK!))

Fork Optn- If switch [????: journalentry1-10]- ON



Msg- It's a blank page

End case

End case

You basically repeat the code above for every journal entry you wish to have happen. Now for actual updating of the journal.

Example- My character from Lunar Dreams, Chasta, receives a journal to record her finds in, and she gets blasted back in time to millions and millions of years ago, on some strange planet called Lunaria. This sort of event, and maybe several to a less severe degree, is worthy of a journal entry. As soon as she gets blasted into this strange town, I have an autostart invisible event running with code like this-

Msg- Your journal has been updated.

Change switch [????: journalentry1] ON

Change switch [????: remjournalupdate] ON ((This is to get rid of the autostart effect. Make another page and make it push key to remove the autostart.))

Just put those two, or three, depending on where you put them, wherever you want your journal to be updated with the entry specified for that switch. It's that easy! Check out my website, for all kinds of cool stuff, along with my upcoming demo of Lunar Dreams.

A few notices- I DID make this code out of scratch, and it took several cans of nestea and staying up well into 3:00 AM to perfect this baby, so I really would appreciate a mention in your credits if you use this system. And maybe a link to my site too. ^^ I'm shamelessly searching for ways to get people to visit my site. So go release your newfound power on the world!