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Tutorial - 'Equipped Character GFX Effects' by BloodhoundFreak

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A nice little condense article by Bloodhoundfreak explaining how to change graphics depending on which type of equipment the character has.


Ok, I know tutorials like this have been done before. But they normally envolve loads of stuff that doesn't need to be there.

This is just my way of doing things.

Now what we want first, is for. When our hero equips his armor his actual character set shows him wearing his armor.

First make a character set showing the character normally and the character with armor.

Now, We make an item, call it Armor or whatever.

Make sure it is wearable as Armor.

Now head over to the common events bar.

Make a Fork option, Set it to Hero, Armor is equiped.

So the code should say.

FORK Optn: Alex, Armor equiped.


End Case

Ok, Then. Now, Directly underneath the FORK,

FORK Optn: Alex, Armor Equiped.

We set it to change hero walk graphic, Set it to the character with the armor on.

Now, under the ELSE: case.

FORK Optn: Alex, Armor equiped.


End Case

We will make it set hero walk graphic, And have it with the hero. Walking without armor.

Overall the code should look like this.

FORK Optn: Alex, Armor equiped.

Change hero's walk graphic, Alex>ArmorSet


Change hero's walk graphic, Alex>Chara1-1Set

End Case

This is a VERY simple tutorial aimed at people new to RM2K. Character sets with and without armor are very easy to come by. This tutorial is extremely simple and should take about 2 minutes for a newcomer to figure out.

It is very simple and all those tutorials with Variables and switches and who knows what else are pointless.

My Friend told me to write this tutorial because he said I am good at explaining things he didn't understand, So maybe more in the future :)


Any comments please :)

- BloodhoundFreak (The Bloodhound)