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Tutorial - 'Creating An Airship' by Ryu

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Ryu shows you how to make an Airship inside your game like the ones in Final Fantasy 3! This is an improved version of Barts tutorial


What's this tutorial for, you ask? s'ketraB FF-Style Airsip system was posted, remember? Boo to that. This is an improvement, much simpler to do and flawless all that I have tested it(and that's very extensively). I designed this once before, and now that I'ma staffer, I'm officially posting it.

Step I: Declaring your Variables and Switches
Many people make one mistake while designing a similar system to this. They either use too many variables or too few. So, whenever making something, figure out how many variables you'll need, and declare them. In this particular system, we use 5 variables and 1 switch.
Variable Name(s):
Position A
Position B
Position C
Enter Airship
Land Airship

Switch Name(s):
Landing Airship(preset to off)

Step II: Maps
Let's face it, maps are needed. And this particular system needs two(not counting your main page).
Map Names:
Airship(obvious what it's for, ne?)
Dummy Map
The Dummy Map is used to land your airship and teleport you.

Step III: The Code

Now, it would be easy for me to just give you the code, but I can't be lazy, ketraB would kill me. Soooo, I'll give you the code for each common event and THEN tell you what each is good for. Then comes a character event on your airship map.
Event 1: Enter Airship
<>FORK Optn:Airship Riding
<>Enter Password:[####]
<>FORK Optn:Switch[####:LandingAirship] - ON
:ELSE Case
<>Disable System Menu: Disable
<>Erase Scren:(your choice)
<>Memory Place: [Position A],[Position B],[Position C]
<>Teleport: ####:Dummy Map(010,005)
<>Ride Vehicl:
<>Teleport: ####:Airship(###,###)
<>Wait: 4.0s.
<>Setup Vehicle Place:Airshp, V[Position A],[Position B],[Position C]
<>Show Screen:(your choice)
<>Disable System Menu: Enable
:END Case
:END Case

What does this do, you ask? First, it makes sure your flying the airship. If you are, then it waits for a password button to be pressed. Once it's pressed, it erases the screen, memorizes your place, then Teleports you to the Dummy Map. Once there, it lands the airship and teleports you to the airship map. The Setup Vehicle Place is there for security in making sure your airship doesn't appear right beneath you when you enter the ship. It sends you to the airships hull, presumably. Anyhow, simple, ne? Moving on to the land Airship Function, which will also explain the second fork condition in this event.

Event 2: Land Airship
<>FORK Optn:Airshp Riding
<>Enter Password: [####:Land Airship]
<>Change Switch : [####:Landing Airship]-ON Set
<>Ride Vehicl:
<>Variable Ch:[####:Enter Airship]Set, 0
<>Variable Ch:[####:Land Airship]Set, 0
<>Change Switch : [####:Landing Airship]-OFF Set
:END Case

What does this do, you ask? It, too, makes sure you're riding an Airship. If so, it waits for a key to be struck, then it simply turns on a switch so you can't land in your Airship Map(hence the second fork condition). Once it's landed, it goes through and resets all the values for your two Airship Variables. It also turns off the landing switch, once you're done. Now to the pilot.

Event 3: The Pilot, Push Key
<>Setup Vehicle Place:Airshp, V[Positon A],[Position B],[Position C]
<>Erase Scren:(your choice)
<>Goto Memorized Plac:V[Positon A],[Position B],[Position C]
<>Ride Vehicl
<>Wait: 4.0s.
<>Show Screen:(your choice)
Simple to understand, I hope, because I've gotten lazy.