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Tutorial - 'Reputation and Reactions' by BloodhoundFreak

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Howto create a system wherein NPC's will respond differently to the PC's depending upon how high their "fame" is. Much like the Might and Magic system.


Ok, This Tutorial is not a something you can do quickly, it will involve switches on all the NPC's (or selected) in your game.

For Rm2k.

So If you're lazy don't bother reading it.


So I'm going to tell you about Reputation and Reactions.

This tutorial will show your main character/party building a reputation in the game and how the people will react, it is very simple and I suppose a lot of you will know it, But I like making simple tutorials so here I go.

First lets head straight to the common Events tab, Name the event Reputation and make sure it is Parrallel process.

Now make a Fork Option, While here make a new Variable called Reputation, Keep it all set at 0 and add an Else case.

Now, Inside the fork option make it Change switch, Reputation 0 ON.

Under the else case, make another fork option, set it to 10 or something and add an Else case. Now put change switch, Reputation 10 ON.

You can go up and down in tens, ranging from say, 50 to -50, But it's up to you how much you want.

Now open up one of your maps, open up an NPC Event and look to the side of the screen.

Where it says event conditions, go to Variable.

Set Reputation, 0. This means if your character has 0, the normal reputation they will not like him but not dislike him.

Now make a new page, Set Variable Reputation, 10.

This means, They will like ghim a bit.

Keep going til you have all your pages and reactions worked out.

Using this you can make it so, you need a reputation to get into peoples houses, or into a castle, or get something from a person.

It is simple yes, but takes a lot of effort. It would add a nice effect to a game if anybody could be bothered though.