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Tutorial - 'War Systems' by Dragon_X

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How to create a war system type "minigame" for your RPG


First Off you have to to know:



Fork Conditions (If Then)

And have to have a arrow like chara

and be patient.

Oh yeah the spelling may not be perfect cause i'm 13 and i am bad at spelling.

Now to start:

Make a new character make it be there arrow Chara and name it anything

This is a tut to teach you how to make my style of a "War System" a CBS that took me awhile to fix every bug. And it does not include enemy Magic

First make a Event in one of the corners or anywhere make the first page empty and push key

now make a new page and make the event switch activated and auto start.

on that page make the switch name like "battle start" (without quots) and activate that when you teleport into the map.

On the page put this

(???? is any switch number)

Change Switch:[????:enemy 1 setup]-ON Set

Change Switch:[????:battle start]-OFF Set

then that page is done!\

then make an enemy event on one of the sides

and name it ENEMY 1

make it auto start and the switch to activate should be enemy 1 setup or whatever you had up there

and make it look like this

Variable Ch:[????:ENEMY ATT] Set, Randm[?*?] (This is where the computer picks its attack and switch the first ? with a minimum num. and the second ? with the max. num.)

Variable Ch:[????:ENEMY DEF] Set, Randm[?*?] (This is the comp. defence and you make 2 dif. random numbers the mp and magic power will be in the player part)

Variable Ch:[????:Enemy Army1] Set, ?? (Switch the ?? with the amount in that army)

Variable Ch:[????:Total Enemy Army] +, ?? (Switch the ?? with the amount in the first army)

Change Switch:[????:enemy 1 setup]-OFF Set

Change Switch:[????:enemy 2 setup]-ON Set (When at the last enemy change this to player Setup 1)

do the same for other enemys but change the numbers

Now the Computers AI

This is the hardest part for me..... cause this took me about 2-3 hours to perfect.

but you got it all here so its easy for you.

First make a new page make it auto start and the switch name enemy Army 1 turn

now make it look like this

Variable Ch:[????:Choose] Set, Randm[1*?] (Switch the ? with the max choices the comp. can make)

FORK Optn:Varb[????:Choose]-1 (Ask's if the randm is 1)

Select Face Graphic: ?,?,?,? (The face of the enemy)

Messg: ????? (What ever the War cry of the enemy is)

Variable Ch:[????:Attack Who] Set, Randm[1*?] (Switch ? with the max players to attack)

FORK Optn:Varb[????:Attack Who]-1 (Asks if its has to attack player army 1)

FORK Optn:Switch [????:Defend] - ON (Checks if the player defends)

Messg: Did 0 Damage


Show Battle Anim :?????,Event to attack(W) (What ever your attacking)

Variable Ch:[????:Enemys Charge Attack] Set, Var.[??]val. (change the ?? with number of the variable i called ENEMY ATT)

Variable Ch:[????:Enemys Charge Attack] - , Var,[??]val. (Change ?? with the player 1's army Def i called the variable Main Hero 1 DEF but change Main Hero 1 with the first heros name)

Variable Ch:[????:Player army 1] -, Var.[??] (Change ?? with the Enemys Charge Attack variable num.)

Variable Ch:[????:Player Total Army] -, Var.[??] (Change ?? with the Enemys Charge Attack variable num.)


Change Switch [????:Defend]-OFF Set

Change Switch [????:Enemy Army 1 Turn]-OFF Set

Do the same for every player to attack

Now for the second choice Defend the smallest one

FORK Optn:Varb[????:Choose]-2

Select Face Graphic: Enemys Face,?,?,? (The enemys face)

Messg: Enemys Defence Message

Change Switch:[????:Defend]-On Set

Change Switch [????:Enemy Army 1 Turn]-OFF Set


Thats all for the enemy AI

now just put a empty page with the enemys pic

because if you don't the enemy will disappear when it's your turn

Now for the player make a event that has the players pic and make the first page auto start and switch name player setup 1

make it look like this

Variable Ch:[????:Player army 1] Set, ? (Set this armys max men)

Variable Ch:[????:Player total army] +, ? (Switch ? with what the ? was above)

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1attack] set, Hero 1 Attack

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Def] Set, Hero 1 Defenc

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Magic] Set, Hero 1 Mind

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Magic]* , 2

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 MP] Set, Hero 1 Max MP

Change Switch:[????:player setup 1]-OFF Set

Change Switch:[????:player setup ?]-ON Set (Just put the next player setup switch)

Next make a new page make it Push Key and for Position do Below Hero

Now make it look like this

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Magic] Set, Hero 1 Mind (Just in case you use magic)

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Magic]* , 2

LABEL: 1No (So if you want to return to main menu)

Show Choice: Attack/Magic/Defend/

:[Attack] Case

Now do the War Cry thing

Show Choice: Enemy 1/2/3/Return

:[Enemy 1] Case

Now do the same as the enemys attack but with this characters variables and at the end don't put

Change Switch [????:Enemy Army 1 Turn]-OFF Set put

Change Switch:[????:Enemy Turn]-ON Set

:[Return] Case

GOTO label: 1No

Now for Magic

:[Magic] Case

Show Choice: Magic 1 ?MP out of \v[?]/Return (Change the second ? with the variable Num. of hero 1 max MP)

:[Magic 1] Case

Show Choice: Enemy/Return//

:[Enemy] Case

Do the Defend Fork Con.

and in else case put

Show Battle Anim : Magic,?,?, Enemy

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 Magic]- , Var.[??]val. (Switch the ?? with the Variable Enemys Def)

Variable Ch:[????:Hero 1 MP]-, ? (Switch the ? With The mp needed)

Variable Ch:[????:Enemy Army 1]- , Var.[??]val. (Switch ?? with the Hero 1 Variable)

Now do the same but instead of Enemy Army 1 put Enemy Total Army

:End Case

Change Switch:[????:Defend]-On Set

Change Switch:[????:Enemy Turn]-ON Set

Then for the defence case do the same as the Enemys

Now start a new Event somewhere on the map and make the first page Parallel Process and empty

now make a new page make it switch activated and make the switch be Enemy Turn and then make it auto start

and make look like this

Variable Ch:[????:Choose whos turn] Set, Randm [1*?] (switch the ? with the max enemys)

FORK optn::Varb:[????:Choose whos turn]-1

Change Switch:[????:Enemy Army 1 Turn]-On set

Change Switch:[????:Enemy Turn]-OFF Set

:End Case

and so on for other enemys

Now when Teleporting into the war make it look like this

Change Switch:[????:Battle Start]-ON set

Remove all characters then add the arrow one

Disable System Menu: Disable

Then teleport in

I hope this helped and if any thing is wrong then e-mail me at