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Tutorial - 'BoF3 basic "master system"' by BloodhoundFreak

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How to create a "master" system akin to a MUCH more basic form of the BOF3 system.


was thinking about how I could adapt some things to make a Master System like the one featured in Breath Of Fire 3.

So Here goes.....


First off, make your NPC.

Make him say something then put. Who will train under

Make a show choice of the 4 characters in your team.

If your characters can re-reach this point in a later stage with a different party or your game allows you to select your party, you could use Switches or more advanced Fork Conditions to allow changes, I wont go into that during this tutorial though.

Anyway, back to where we were.

Underneath character 1 put, change switch c1m1.

c1m1 means : Character 1 Master 1.

Also make a new Variable, and set it as Character Level.

Now, Make a new page and set event conditions, switch, c1m1. And make sure you need the character in your group. You also want to set it so you need a Variable. Choose the variable you made on the previous page and set the level you want it to be, so say, 5.

Now make a message saying, I think you've done well. Let me teach you a new technique. Use the change skill option to add the new technique.

This means now, If the first character reaches Level 5 the master will teach him a new skill. You can do this for all characters at whatever level pauses you wish.

You can make different masters for different element spells or different forms of combat.


This was another quick tutorial made by me (BloodhoundFreak), and I hope it helps someoen out there.

This was a quick idea I had after playing BoF3.