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Tutorial - 'Cursed Items' by Bloodrose

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How to make cursed items for your game. WooOOoO!


You will need two parallel process events under the common events section.

-Create a switch, call it something like "Verify Curse". As soon as the player receives the item...IMMEDIATELY turn this switch on.

-Create a parallel process event under the common events section, have it trigger to the "Verify Curse" switch. In this parallel process, create a fork with no else case, go to the second page of the fork and click on "Hero". Have this fork check to see if that particular hero has that particular item "equipped". Inside this fork, use a Change Switch command to create a switch called "Cursed Hero"...set this switch to the "ON" position.

-Below the fork command, input a Wait command, and set it for the maximum setting...1000.

-Now, create another parallel process under the common events section. This time, have this parallel process to trigger to the "Cursed Hero" switch.

-The very first thing that should be in this parallel process is a Change Switch command that will set the "Verify Curse" switch to "OFF".

-Then use the Change Equipment command, use this to "remove" the "arms" from the chosen character.

-Use ANOTHER Change Equipment command right after that, this time to "equip" the cursed item to the chosen character

-The last thing you will need is to add a Wait command at the bottom...again set it for 1000.

What you just did:

-When you received the item, you turned on a switch that will check to see if you equipped the cursed item. If not, then it will just keep checking over and over until you do. The Wait 1000 is to prevent lag. Once you DO equip the cursed item. It will stop checking to see if you've equipped it because it already knows that. It will then turn on the second parallel process. The second parallel process will basically keep equipping the weapon to the character, no matter how many times you take it off. Even if you replace it with a different weapon. This will go on until you stop it manually.

How to disable the curse:

Well, once the character fulfills whatever condition you have set to disable the curse...simply manually turn off the "Cursed Hero" switch. When you do, make sure you reset the "Verify Curse" switch to "ON" again. So if the hero equips the item yet again (for some weird reason)...he will be cursed once again.

Maybe you can create an item or a skill called "Remove Curse" that will turn the "Cursed Hero" switch "OFF"...this will effectively remove the curse.