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Tutorial - 'Opening Door.' by Spirit_freak

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A simple tutorial explaining how to make an opening door.


This is how you do it:

1. Make a new event with 2 pages.

2. On the first page, put a door graphic (duh). Put it as Push Key and Same Level As Hero.

In the Events Commands window do this :

Play a sound effect of a door opening,

Go to Move Event and select This Event.

Do “Face Right, Face Up, Face Left”

Change Switch and do a switch named Door 1

It should look like that :

Play SE: (Your SFX)

Move Event... : this Event, FaceRigh, Face Up, FaceLeft

Change Switch : [0001:Cell 1]-ON Set

3. On the second page, select the switch you just made.

Change the graphic to a transparent one (the pink one on the upper chipset) and put it as

Below Hero. Leave the rest as is.

4. Each door needs a different switch.

There you go, a great way to put doors in jails and houses.