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Tutorial - 'Fishing Skill Tutorial' by runeblade0

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How to create a fishing style minigame like the BoF series!


OK, have you ever played the game runescape? We'll here is a way to add a fishing skill into your game.

1. Setting Up

2. Programing

3. Extras


1. You need to make 1 items for each fish, wether you want it to be a common items, or a healing items, you need to make them. For now we will use trout and salmon.

You will need a event on the map area, and many common events.

You will need 4 varibles, name them (Random VAR,

XP, and XP Set, and fishing level.)

You also need a fishing rod item, so you can have it be required to fish.


2. Programming

Ok, there are many ways we can do this, first we will set up the common events Catch Trout.

Catch Trout: Set varible (Random VAR) random 1-4

Fork Options: If Random VAR is the same as 1, add else case.

If Varible is 1, then add item trout, change XP +5, show message You caught a trout!

Else Case: You failded to catch a fish!

End Case: Change Random VAR set 0.

(Note: Set event as call)

Ok now we need to make event Catch Salmon.

Catch Salmon: Use the exact same as above to set up, but change the items to salmon, and change message to You cauhgt a salmon, and the XP to 10.

Now you have Your catch events, lets move on to make the hero catch some fish.

Page 1: Pick a spot on the map, and have the event as a push key, make the event required you have the items fishing rod in inventary. Now just have the even call event catch trout, and now everything is set.

Page 2: Have the event be required by haveing the items fishing rod, and have it check by varible Fishing Level 5 or above. Now have the event as followed.

Change Varible Random VAR set random 1-2.

Fork Options: If Random VAR is the same as 1, add else case.

If Random VAR is the same as 1, then call event catch trout.

Else Case: Call Event Catch Salmon.

End Case: Change Random VAR set 0.

Ok, now your hero can catch trout and salmon if he has the required level.


Setting up level system


Alright, the XP varible will already be set whenever a fish is caught. You will need to have an event that changes XP Set to level 50, and changes fishing level to 1.

Event 1: XP Set (this will set the xp needed for level up)

Fork Options: If Varible fishing level is the same as 2, no else case.

If Fishing Level is 2, then change XP Set, set to (whatever you want the XP to be, i set at 100 for level 2).

Then repeat process for level 3, then 4, then 5, changign the requirments. So for level 4, Fork Options would be fishign level set 3.

(Must be on PP)

Event 2: Add Level ( This addes the level when requirments are met)

Fork Condtions: If XP is bigger then XP SET, no else case.

If XP is better then XP SET, then change fishing level +1, change XP set 0.

There you go, you have a complete fishing system set up, my next tutorial, COOKING SYSTEM.