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Tutorial - 'Return Coins' by Xfactor

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A tutorial on how to create Gimel coins in the style of WA3


In order for anyone to understand this tutorial, he/she must understand Variable, as this tutorial uses a couple of variables. Also this tutorial is designed for those with custom Battle System.

if any of you have play Wild arms for the ps, or Wild arms 3 for the ps2. You have noticed that when you die, you are given the oppurtinity to return and fight the boss again by using a gimel coin. So i am going to get straight to the point. In this tutorial, i will show you how to create a similar system. So let's get down to it.


Fist thing you need to do, is create an item called Gimel Coin in the system Database. Go to Common Event and create another event called Gimel Coins and set it to Call.

Now here comes the hard part, just kidding...

Step 2

Now on the code section of the Gimel coin, you have to create an variable called Gimel Coins and set to hero no item own.

step 3

if variable gimel coins set above 0, then

show message:Want to try again

show choice:


change variable gimel coins no own -1

Go to memorized placed.


Games Over.


Game over.

That's all there is to it. By the way in order for the memorized place to work, you need to create an memory place at the beginnig of the battle, so when you return to the memorized placed, your energy will be the same as it was when you enter battle.

Now since the even is on called, whenever you may need it during the game, you can call for it.

If anyone have problem with this or they cannot figure it out email me at and i will give a better description on how to do it.